Businesses Are Moving to the Clouds


Cloud computing can best be described as a real-time communication network that involves a large number of computers, servers, desktops, tablets, laptops, phones, etc. Cloud computing allows for running programs on many connected devices at the same time. Cloud computing in the business environment started with employees. Employees want the option to have their office travel with them. Cloud computing allows employees to have all the benefits of working in the office without actually having to be in the office. All they need is a device that can connect to their business network; even a phone with internet capability can be sufficient. This is beneficial to any company, because employees have proven to be more efficient and with the flexibility of working remotely employees are even willing to work longer hours if that means they can work outside of the office. Another benefit is bringing in your own device for work. If you have an Apple computer, you know how to work your Apple computer, and the same goes for Dell, Asus, etc. The point being, employees do not want to learn to use a new device when they are perfectly comfortable with their own and that makes cloud computing useful in that sense.

Not only do employees reap the benefits of the cloud computing system, the business/IT model forecasts are more accurate than ever. In the past when businesses would purchase new hardware or software they would have to forecast into the future spanning five to ten years. The problem is, businesses grow which inhibits the need for more employees which demands more storage space, and you get it… the forecast is wrong and you have to purchase more, and it’s not cheap! With cloud computing server capacity and running out of storage space is no worry.

Most importantly, cloud computing has positively effected customers. As we learned in class via the airplane experiment and have been reminded all quarter, the customer is the most important aspect in any business. If you don’t know what your customer wants, how will you be successful? Cloud computing has changed the way a company can interact with the customer. It allows for a business to react to customer needs as soon as the customer wants. Customers don’t have to wait to shop for products and services they have access 24/7. With cloud computing customer satisfaction reaches all new levels.

The newest cloud on the market is CenturyLinkVoice. CenturyLinkVoice is promoted as a business solutionfor small and large companies. And the idea is the same as all of the factors above; it provides a network for employees that will enable them to work wherever they have a functioning device, and more importantly it caters to customers wants and needs. For a short promotional video about CenturyLinkVoice, please see the link at the bottom of this post as well as an article discussing the impact cloud computing has had on Toyota.


To Understand Just How Much The Cloud Will Change The World, Look At Toyota

CenturyLink Promotional Video

Article – Cloud Computing: Effectively Changing The Business Operation Model

5 thoughts on “Businesses Are Moving to the Clouds

  1. This was an interesting read. A lot of companies are already on the cloud, and many are making the switch to allow users to have access from just about anywhere at any time. However, I’d have to disagree about the computing server capacity and running out of storage not being an issue. Server capacity is always a concern as data is constantly being read and written, which can affect the speed of being able to access that data since its always growing. The real question is for how long will you not have to worry about running out of space? Cloud computing is pretty cool though. You’ll always have a backup of your data and you can connect from anywhere. The only issues I can see there being are when users have no idea how it works. An Internet connection is necessary, and I’m sure that many will blame the speed of access on the cloud rather than realizing its their own Internet connection to blame.

  2. The cloud computing system is certainly becoming more prominent within companies. I think it is immensely beneficial for companies and their employees because it affords instant communication between entities that may be very far from one another. The fact that cloud computing can allow an employee or company to better interact with a customer is invaluable. This is a good idea for just about any company.

  3. It is interesting how the cloud is becoming prominent in the business world. I think it is very beneficial to employees as it provides flexibility and ease of access as long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device. I also like how cloud is being used not just in business, but is also accessible to consumers to provide convenience like how Apple allows you to be able to access your music or movies remotely. The only concern I have is the constant worry of cyber security since as technology advances, so does anything that could pose a security threat to something that a person or a business might consider valuable.

  4. Cloud computing is great for both businesses and personal use. The ability to store information on a server means that even if a file becomes corrupted or lost on a personal computer, it will always be stored in the cloud database. This also makes it much easier to save files and open them up later on separate computers without having to carry flash drives. Having the ability to work on a person’s personal computer will allow the employee to be more efficient and productive as they know the technology much better than a foreign system. I believe that we are just beginning to dive into the world of cloud computing as future generations will likely have the ability to use programs and different operating systems that can be stored electronically. For a business to be profitable, the customer must always be put first. Having the ability to adjust products to the customer’s desires electronically and allowing the customer to use them 24/7 is a great tool for customers and consumers. My only concern with a cloud system is that if it fails, is there a backup for the massive amounts of information stored or will it be lost forever?

  5. This post made me think of the cloud like system that we are using at my company. We are able to share and access the files anytime and anywhere. It is very convent and improves efficiency. Instead of asking coworkers to send the files via emails, we can just access the cloud directly. I think more companies should be “moving to the clouds.”

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