More Money & Less Features, Does Not Make Sense!

More Money & Less Features, Does Not Make Sense!


Any flight feels long because time wasted in traveling is just time wasted. Airlines are trying to figure out how to cut time and provide the best service. According to American Airlines and cutting time in placing the carry on baggage is too much trouble. They believe that due to the small compartments over the seat, there is typically not enough space and trying to accommodate carry on space has created many delays. The article says that the carry on spaces are always over booked due to people bringing a lot of access luggage. American Airline thinks by allowing only a small baggage like a purse that can be places under the seat is the way to do and people can check in everything else.


They are trying to do quality control for the time of luggage delays. Even though it only eliminates 2 minutes of the delay time, they think it will add up in the long run. In addition, there are cost savings because the luggage industry has created revenue in billions. I do not think this is a good strategy. The airline prices are continuously increasing due to the gas price and they are taking out amenities. I know when I travel I like doing it on Southwest because it’s cheap and allows luggage, other airlines  are more expensive and we have to pay additional for baggage. Even though it will eliminate some time in the flight, but that can be made up in other ways, such as boarding early. I think many people only carry a small luggage for a small distance and retrieving it in the luggage area would increase the traveler’s time. Also the issue to luggage getting lost is a big deal people have their carry on as their safety net and taking that away is a big deal.


Before American Airline makes this huge transition and purchasing, new aircraft they should construct many surveys to determine is this is worth it. Travelers want to get from point A to point B in as little hassle as possible and I believe this is just creating an unnecessary hassle. The airline will need to employ more people to put the baggage away and there is a change of loss baggage just to eliminate a 2 minute deplays. They should invest in creating a flow chart and figuring out where the problem is and eliminating or supplementing that feature. Quality control is improving quality overall not just making one area better and adding on problems in other areas.


What do you think are eliminating carry on luggage a good thing for American Airline to have? What would you prefer as a traveler?


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