iPad-“What the heck were they thinking?”

We live in a digital age where technology is evolving all around is.  Now a days everyone seems to have an iPad or a tablet of some kind.  Many companies see this as a trend with future possibilities to grow by introducing a variety of accessories to go along with these tablets.  This article introduces some new iPad and tablet accessories that seem absurd and gets one questioning “What the heck were they thinking?”

One of the wacky accessories that the article highlighted is an iPad Commodity Caddy,  which is exclusively apart of the Hammacher Schlemmer brand.  (Product is shown below.)

iPad commode caddy stand bathroom toilet paper roll holder

And not to mention this stand sells for $100!  It’s purpose is to be to save space and to make it easier for people to “do their business” while playing games or watching online shows/ movies.  I not only think it is gross and a way to spread germs on one’s iPad, but is someone really in the bathroom that long where you have to bring your iPad in with you while you are going to the bathroom?






Another accessory that was mentioned was the iMaxi (as shown below).

We all know when the iPad first came out, we all had that thought of a feminine healthcare product.  You can take this idea literally and purchase this maxi pad covering for $30 from Hip Handmaids.






The ideas in the article get even crazier such as a shirt with an iPad slot to feature interaction with other random people, a potty training toilet to help teach kids potty training while watching other kids going to the bathroom on the iPad stand, and many more products that seem too crazy to be true.  You can take a deeper look at them in the article listed below.

I still have a hard time believing that any of these products are real.  This got me thinking to the paper airplane activity done in class which main purpose was about customer requirements and what the customer’s want.  I have a really hard time believing that customers out there really want these products.  Then taking a deeper look into the dimensions of quality and how customers evaluate quality differently.  These dimensions include performance, features, conformance, reliability  durability, serviceability, response, aesthetics, and perception.  These products can definitely identify with the individual dimensions of quality.

Even though I think all these ideas are absurd, the product strategy was to be different and it worked.  The operations management may have believed that people out there may find quality within these products and buy them.


What do you think about these tablet accessories?

Would you ever buy one of these?

Why do you even think companies would make these kind of products?


Source:  http://shopping.yahoo.com/blogs/digital-crave/worst-ipad-accessories-ever-191158571.html

Picture Source: http://shopping.yahoo.com/blogs/digital-crave/worst-ipad-accessories-ever-191158571.html

4 thoughts on “iPad-“What the heck were they thinking?”

  1. I think these products are really good. I remember one time I got a really bad paper cut, and I could not use my touchscreen phone, because of the blood. I think the Maxi Ipad cover solves this problem. Also, my roommate freshman year used to take his laptop into the bathroom with him. I would argue that the Ipad toilet paper roll is a better alternative than just resting your electronic on your lap. The point is as a novelty product manufacturer; you do not need to sell your product to everyone, you just need to find a niche market.

  2. I actually read this article on the yahoo page as well and after I was done, I was thinking wow really? Do people actually buy these products and these are not cheap products either. To me these are silly products and I would never buy them. But like the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I guess the companies that came out with these products were targeting toward a niche market as spr1334jwollwert has mentioned.

  3. This is one of those products my brother will get. In todays world, we have all different types of products which makes our lives easier. We want comfort wherever we go. This product is something I consider useless, but then again some people will like the idea and will pay for cheaper models in the future. How hard can it be to make a stand with an I pad stand, that also hold toilet paper. I also believe that people made the Snuggy popular. If that can happen, so can this!

  4. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there that would jump at the chance to get these products. This may be especially true for those that already own an iPad and use it frequently. These products are most likely created with the idea of being a complementary item to the iPad, which many people already own. I personally think these products are absurd and are a waste of money, (and I would never buy these products) but there are those people out there that think these products are absolutely brilliant. If they conducted their research and found that people are interested in purchasing these types of products, then hurray for them.

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