If Michael Jordan can’t do it, it can’t be done!!


Every person in this world has their forte, their individual strengths that differs them from other human beings around the globe. So as a management student it is really important to use an individual’s strength in a right way. Louis Efron,the writer of this article  talks about something similar. Louis had a privilege  of working with a  certified R&D rockstar, he named him Tom but i will name him MR X.

MR X  had lead teams that  had created great revenues and sky rocketed sales for the organization. The company saw so much potential and  promise in their Superstar employee  that they put him through a top MBA program to extend his potential, resulting in him becoming the president of the organization. But, here is the twist after six months as the president, he failed miserably and resulting in declining sales and revenues and also had issues with the people in the organization. He was relieved from his duties making him unemployed.  Fortunately for him and his exceptional work he did at his previous organization,  he was hired by a competitor and soon back in work force.

But the question that arise in my mind are: How did this happen ? Was a mistake promoting him ? HOWWWWWWW?

Mr X core strengths was to inspire engineers to produce top selling products and he was really good at it but making decisions  by as  president was not his strong suit that is the reason he and company failed. The organization put him in a position, which he had no clue  about that resulted in him getting fired from his job. Every individual in this planet have an ability to do something, it is really hard fro every individual to max out or do something beyond their ability. This error is repeated time and time again by organizations around the world. Organizations, use these talented individuals and put them at a position, where their ability to perform at the same level decreases.

This was an example of just a normal human being, let me tell you a story about THE GOAT, MICHAEL JORDAN. As a Chicago native, every body knows, whether you are a basketball fan or not, about the greatnessss. After winning three finals MVP’s and three rings, he left professional basketball to play baseball for a minor league baseball in Birmingham, AL . He followed the same work ethic by working hard and practicing every day at the batting cage but he was just average batter and could not achieve the same level as he had while he was playing basketball. So, in 1995 he dropped his bat and went back to United Center. This is a perfect example of no matter how talented or hard working you are, if you are put in a wrong position, you will fail miserably and will never be able to achieve the same greatness.

A 2012 gallup study  indicated that only 50% of U.S. workers use their strengths throughout their day. So, if organizations better understand their employees strengths, they can not only maximize the employees potential but also maximize their companies potential.

One thought on “If Michael Jordan can’t do it, it can’t be done!!

  1. I agree, organizations should take the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. Not only that, but the circumstances in which their strenghths make them successful. This had me thinking of an example of where sales people are promoted to a management position only to end up worsening their performance. Before they were concerned with their personal success and managed only themselves, but that has changed to where they are now responsible with managing a team and making them successful as well. These two are different circumstances where priorities and responsibilities change. Some people just cant adapt to them. I think this is what most places fail to realize, and why some managers really suck.

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