Would you eat a glazed donut sandwich for breakfast?

The new trend in today’s culture is to encourage having a healthy eating habit. Studies show that when people are at home, they are more conscious of what they are eating because they are making the food them self. While when they are out, they are less likely to stick with the healthy eating habit because of the tempting new food choices. Thus fast food restaurants do not offer as much healthy options available.

Most fast foods are targeted and are geared towards male consumers by labeling them as “dude food”. The food industry reports that 34 percent of men eat fast food frequently each week and only 23 percent of women would occasionally eat it. Fast food restaurants are beginning to have unexpected food choices to their menus to attract customers. For example the Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos, which contains a Doritos flavored taco shell with the regular Taco Bell’s filling. Pizza hut has its cheesy crust pizza which contains five different blends of cheeses in the pizza’s crust. These foods might turn off some people. The majority of the consumers are the younger generation, who would want to try something exciting to have as a conversation starter. The targeted consumers for the fast food industry would most likely be the younger generation, but Dunkin’ Donuts wants to reach out to new consumers and expand their customer base.

Like other fast food restaurants, Dunkin’ Donuts also joined the trend of creating something odd for their menu. Dunkin’ Donuts also added an unexpected food choice to their menu to attract new consumers. This new menu item is a glazed donut breakfast sandwich. This sandwich contains a pepper fried egg and is filled with cherrywood-smoked bacons. What inspired Dunkin’ Donuts of this idea is that they have seen customers buy glazed donuts to use as burger buns at family outings. They want to expand their consumer market to families. They thought this was a great food item to target most consumers because it used in family events. This assumption that all customers would like it is wrong because everyone’s preference is different.

The sales are great in the beginning, but it is starting to go down because it is not exciting anymore. In order to meet the consumers’ needs and expectations, Dunkin’ Donuts should ask their consumers what they want. They failed to do this and the sales were up only temporarily. This was similar to the paper airplane activity that was done in class. The designer group had to design a paper airplane and present it to the customers group. The customers are the ones who decide what is considered to be the best quality. Some teams did not meet the requirements because they did not ask their customers what they want.

Consumers are the one to receive the product or service. They have a set of standards of the quality and service they expect to receive. Since most people are health conscious, Dunkin’ Donuts should add something healthy to the menu instead. This is what the consumers want and desire.



  • Do you think customers set the standards of quality of any product or service?
  • Was it right for Dunkin’ Donuts to make this assumption that most people would like it?
  • Should Dunkin’ Donuts have followed the health conscious trend?

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4 thoughts on “Would you eat a glazed donut sandwich for breakfast?

  1. I found this post interesting because I have not heard of Dunkin’ Donuts’ glazed doughnut breakfast sandwich. I think Dunkin’ Donuts should not have assumed that most people would like this new food item. Often times, restaurants look to their competitors to see what is selling well. As you mentioned, there is a health conscious trend and they should consider this trend in order to please customers.

  2. As much as I agree that the “health conscious” era is among us, I don’t think Dunkin Donuts was that far off with this creation. Dunkin Donuts would benefit from adding more healthy egg white or low fat options to their menu, but we have to remember that there is still a large portion of consumers whom are not as “health conscious”. Furthermore, let’s be honest..Dunkin Donuts is never going to be the place I equate in my head as a “healthy option”. Instead when I go to Dunkin Donuts, I am going for a sweet and delicious treat. I would never eat this sandwich creation on a daily basis, but i wouldn’t be opposed to trying it once. Although everyone is looking for healthier fast food options, they are also looking for more delicious or intriguing options that are worth the splurge of calories.

  3. Dunkin Donuts should follow the health trend. There is a reason why you do not see very many Dunkin shops in California; it is because their menu items are not health conscious. Their glazed donut sandwich may be popular in the South and Midwest, but if they want long-term success, they need to eliminate unhealthy items and focus on sticking to the profitable health trend.

  4. Looking at the sandwich I want to eat the heck out of it. However, I know that probably after I will have a heart attack. With that said, I feel that DD should probably stick to the health trend. A sandwich like that seems like a fad, so what DD should do is offer it for a limited time. Having healthier items on a menu in todays society is more likely to attract customers. Especially with the all new diets and health kicks people are on.

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