Google Glass’s: Varying Forcast’s due to Design Flaws

Over a year ago Google announced their ideas for a new product called Google Glass. Their idea was to release a products that would allow users to have access to smart phone applications such as email, text and video messages, face-time, and others such as these, all at the convenience of a simple voice command.   Although Google Glass has not been released to the public yet product analysts have begun to forecast the sales of this product. One analyst from IHS believes that Google will have orders of over 9 million by the year 2016, but how dies he come up with a forecast for a product that has not been even introduced to the market?  Essential this forecast has no factual basis, but rather it basis its facts on potential users and developers.

Google spokesman, Chris Dale says “Glass is designed by users and for users from all walks of life,” but the simple fact is the majority of first time users are male, and many females including the product’s designer are frustrated with this disparity.  Some of Google’s representatives believe this to be partly due to the fact that Glass has only been released to about 1000 developers, and not more widely to the public.  The majority of developers being technologically savvy males, are all over blog sights such as tumbler posting photos of themselves and the way they use their new glasses, but this has seemed to be counter productive to the products overall popularity. Some women have claims that the Glass projects design is lacking in creativity and trendiness.  One female marketing professional who was questioned about the “look” of Glass stated that they were so unattractive that she would never wear them.  Some people also commented on how they cannot believe that developers would not create these glasses in a more fashionable frame such as Gucci, Prada, Ray Ban, etc. Although I think that this products design is going to take off like a rocket, others are more skeptic.  What do you think about how Google chose to release their product? Would you consider Google selection process as sexist or is it just due to the lack of technologically savvy women applying to receive the product.  Google tends to agree with the later but intends to reduce this disparity of users when it fully launches its product into market.


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