Apple Lacking Innovation? Or Master Plan…

In the recent months, Apple has been the hot topic of debate for almost every media source. This can be derived partially due to its 25% stock price decrease in the past year, but also because of an increase in competition from companies such as Samsung. Despite record profits, critics argue that Apple is “lacking innovation,” which is vital for its continued growth. Does apple not understand what consumer’s want/desire? Or could their upcoming innovations be so groundbreaking that it just takes longer to unveil?

Despite popular belief, Apple produces almost none of the components that are in its products. What makes Apple products both beautiful and efficient is their ability to integrate the hardware and the software so seamlessly. This is done through their remarkably efficient and streamlined supply chain.

In my opinion, Apple tends to innovate backwards. Apples innovation can be described like this; Apple solves the puzzle first, and then finds the pieces they need to make their vision a reality. Apple’s size, power, and money give them the ability to do this, but the actual timeline for a finished product may not be so clear and defined. This is why an efficient and communicative supply chain is so important to Apple.

Most analysts would agree that the biggest upcoming feature on the iPhone 5S is its fingerprint sensor. This is not a new concept, but the way Apple will use it will be remarkable. The mobile payment system is the way of the future, yet is has failed to take off. This is not due less to lack of technology, but more because of security concerns. By having someone’s phone password, one could gain access to every credit card they own. A fingerprint sensor would basically eliminate this problem, and would allow the mobile payment system to grow exponentially.


Apple sold over 50 million iPhone 5s, so a small glitch in hardware or software can be detrimental. First, Apple needs to make sure the hardware is functioning properly. Last week Reuters reported this, “A supply chain source in Taiwan said Apple was trying to find a coating material that did not interfere with the fingerprint sensor, and this may be causing a delay.” Second, Apple needs to make sure its manufacturers can produce the product that keeps up with demand. Third, the software needs to be 100% accurate to prevent possible fraud. Last, Apple needs to beta test the product until they know it is absolutely perfect.

Personally, I believe that Apple’s master plan is much smarter and more innovative then any analyst can predict. Critics thought the first iPhone would fail because it didn’t have a keyboard. They thought the iPad was just a “big iPhone,” and no one would buy it. Currently, these are two of the most successful and profitable consumer devices on the market. Apple’s master plan is bigger than we think. Supply chain issues may slow its product cycle down now, but I think it will only be a minor speed bump in Apple’s continued dominance.

What is your current view on Apple? Are you continuing to buy Apple products? Will a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S be the deciding factor on whether you will upgrade or not?

10 thoughts on “Apple Lacking Innovation? Or Master Plan…

  1. Great article. I did not know about Apples new finger print technology and it definitely sounds compelling. However, I feel Apple has started to develop a “trend” of releasing a product and quickly releasing a “newer” one. Because of this short lapse of time between releasing products like the iPhone 5, I assume that after the 5s there will be a more innovative product coming out within the next year. Thus, I would be content with waiting to upgrade.

  2. Personally, I am a huge fan of Apple products. They fulfill my needs and are very easy to operate. However, I must agree that Apple is slowly lacking innovation. For example, the new mini iPods nano – I feel like they went back in time. I’m looking forward to the future and hope that Apple will come back with something bigger and better that will blow customers’ minds as it did before.

  3. I firmly believe that Apple is currently in a state of transition. When the late Steve Jobs was heading the company each time a new Apple product was introduced it was a huge technology breakthrough. Ever since Jobs death Apple has gotten away from being innovative with regard to new technology (meaning the software), and has been focusing more on hardware and minor changes. Since Jobs death, the iPhone’s that have been released were the 4S, which was exactly the same as the 4 but with Seri, and the 5 which I have, and is basically just a larger screen. I’m not sure that Apple has a master plan, I think they are having trouble to create new technology, and instead are than making minor modifications. Without Jobs creative ability, and innovative passion Apple will continue to make small changes until they finally figure it out.

    1. I tend to disagree with your opinion that they are no longer innovating. Despite attempts to recycle old and failed innovations (the new Apple Pay was first attempted, and ultimately abandoned, by Google) they are still innovating (see their iwatch). I know that I am posting over a year after you (they may have been in a rut, I am not positive), but I do find it hard to believe that a company that uses innovation to grow and stay ahead isn’t constantly working towards the next big item to sell. They very well could just have been pursuing projects that never worked out.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article considering that the iPhone 6 is coming out tomorrow! Personally, being a Samsung phone user; I completely agree with the title of your post. I really do think that the company has lost its spark and personally I think that the company keeps replicating the same product and consumers keep paying for it. But, when you compare the new Apple products to its competitors it seems like the competitors have exceeded. Samsung released their watch last year and to replicate that Apple launched the Iwatch. The company has definitely not set any new trends and it seems as if they have passed on their innovative title.

  5. I found this article very interesting. It is very possible that Apple could be saving the best for last, and in the meantime is entertaining the public with bringing out new phones with larger screens and different designs. I do believe that as long as there are kids getting a phone for the first time, at whatever age that is, Apple will keep selling iPhones. Whether it is loyal customers or younger generations getting into the cell phone market, Apple will keep releasing new phones no matter how big or small the changes are, creating the buzz to bring customers to their doors.

  6. I really like Apple and think it is a great company. I have used Apple products for years and loved each of the products that I owned. So, I can safely say, I will continue to buy Apple products. I never did upgrade to the iPhone 5s and I am not upgrading to the iPhone 6 either. The iPhone 5 that I have continues to satisfy my needs. I think your opinion on Apple to be “innovating backwards” to be very interesting; I never thought of it that way. I think Apple, as a company, will continue to sell well, as we have seen from the recent orders of the iPhone 6.

  7. Personally, I do not have any opinion on Apple products. I do not own any and so it is hard to have an opinion on it. Because of this, I do not foresee myself buying any Apple products new off the shelves anytime soon. However, I do not think that a finger sensor would be a deciding factor for me. Finger sensors have notoriously been irritating, from having to punch out at work to getting them taken as reference. The slightest smudge on the screen could potentially have a person locked out of their phone when they really need it, and personally, with all of the stress in today’s world, many people tend to destroy their fingers, either by chewing on them or burning them accidentally. Therefore, I find that a finger sensor, while a good idea, may not be a selling point

  8. Personally, I am a huge fan of Apple because of their innovative products. They consistently produce new and improved products that sell out in a matter of hours. Within the last month, Apple not only introduced the iPhone 6 but the iPhone 6 plus and Apple Pay and Apple watch. Although, I disagree with the orginal post, I realize that it was written over a year ago, which means technology has advanced sinced then.

  9. The rise in technology should not be an issue but applaud because it has changed the lifestyle of many consumers to be more productive, effective, and efficient. Mobile devices gives consumers options and convenience which they greatly desire; having such access to the things they needs in a few clicks is a temptation that’s very hard to resist. In this matter, the usage of these mobile devices can either generate pros and cons to one’s lifestyle but it’s how you optimize this opportunity and change. There are numerous apps that many users use that’s related to one’s work or education and having it on the go just makes it so much easier.

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