Virtuix Uses Virtual Reality to Promote Fitness

Virtual reality gaming has always a questionable form of video gaming due to its futuristic nature.  Recently the company Virtuix has been working with the XBOX Kinect to create a treadmill like interface to give video game users a more natural experience while playing games.

This new product is being called the Omni and it has a treadmill bottom and a fixed head piece that would allow video game users to feel like they are actually in the game.  Instead of just sitting on a couch with a controller this product would provide gamers with a chance to get up and move.  The revolution of gaming has advanced, but it does not seem like many of these are as concerned with fitness.  One of the only major ones is the Wii Fit, which is a fitness program for the Nintendo Wii.  Would this give Virtuix the competitive advantage that would be needed in this market?

Virtuix has said that they will be starting a Kickstarter campaign in order to get the funding that will be needed to produce these machines.  They used Youtube as there medium in order to introduce the world to this new concept of a machine. Virtuix also held a demonstration at this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Virtuix is calling the Omni “the first omni treadmill that is affordable for household consumers.” The news is saying that this gaming device will end up costing anywhere between $400 and $600.

The largest marks that Virtuix is trying to make are that they can provide gamers with a low price product that can be small enough to fit conveniently in any household.  But with every piece of technology there is always a chance that this product may not be as cost friendly as originally planned.

I think that this is a great piece of technology that will maybe push other competitors to make even more fitness friendly machines.  Video gaming has long been blamed for causing obesity, especially in America.  However, if Virtuix is able to sell their product to families globally maybe children and adults will be more interested in being active.  Exercising can get boring for adults, but if you are able to play video games while working out and feeling like you are physically there; maybe it will encourage more people to exercise regularly.  I’m curious to see if this product will successfully work and be able to sell these devices affordably for all households.


Do you think Virtuix has the competitive advantage against competitors and will Virtuix be able to successfully sell these products to all consumers?


Do you think XBOX would consider purchasing the rights and working together with Virtuix to continue to make strides in new virtual reality ventures?


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7 thoughts on “Virtuix Uses Virtual Reality to Promote Fitness

  1. After reading this post, I’m still amazed at how much technology has advanced. You made a good point on saying how the Wii Fit was a major fitness program for Nintendo, but did their success last? I remember seeing Nintendo heavily promote the Wii Fit when it was first introduced, but I haven’t really been hearing anything about it lately. When it comes to gaming, I usually hear about PlayStation or Xbox. I would say that Virtuix does have a competitive advantage with the treadmill, however, who is their competition? I personally don’t see a large market in fitness program of gaming, although it is growing. I believe in order for Virtuix to be successful with this treadmill, they need to target this product to a segment of consumers rather than all consumers. Along with that, I could see XBOX purchasing the rights to Virtuix to make strides towards virtual reality gaming, which could give them a competitive advantage over PlayStation. Also a combination with a big name like Microsoft could benefit both Virtuix and Microsoft. Personally, I’m not into gaming that much so I would not purchase this product.

  2. This is really interesting and kind of cool. I think Virtuix will be put up against Wii Fit and be its competitor but I still think they both offer two separate things. Wii Fit isn’t a treadmill type system, but rather different moves and sports. I think they would be able to see to consumers who are interested in gaming and exercise, especially those who like the XBOX set up more than Wii. Most people wont own more than one gaming system, and XBOX is a very popular one so it would be for a different consumer interest group. I think XBOX and Microsoft would love this invention just because it would be new and fresh and something people would be interested in just because of the way society and technology is going. Technology is making us more obese and this could help weigh is down a bit. I think this will be appealing for parents to buy for their children so it could help them exercise while still having fun and this will keep them active, healthy, and hopefully happy. I don’t know if I would buy it, only because I’ve never owned a XBOX, we were always a PlayStation and Nintendo family. But if it were an option, I would be interested in trying it out.

  3. This is an interesting product that you have found but my main question would be is fitness worth the price? It appears from the picture and your description that the system would be a treadmill that puts you into the game which is interesting but I feel the demand for a limited product like a treadmill may be low. The Wii Fit offers more than just a workout because there are more games that need it to play. This product would be best promoted to gyms which could use it to sell themselves to gamers who just sit on the couch.

  4. I remember when the wii fit was first introduced. The marketing the company did was a huge success and everyone was talking about it…and buying it. A couple months later it seemed like everyone just grew out of it. This was a success because they were the first company to successfully combine fitness and gaming so it spiked everyone’s curiosity. In my opinion most consumers have realized this sort of product is not motivating or engaging enough to make the average consumer want to work out. To answer your question, they are competing with way to much competition. It basically is the entire fitness business (fitness clubs, weight loss plans, organized sports, the wii fit, actual workout equipment, etc.) this is a difficult business to compete in and generally would not be someone’s first choice to use a gaming system to be active. They either have to have a strong marketing department or show unbelievable results to thrive because their price is too high. Either that or their operations manager seriously needs to figure out how to reduce costs to reduce the price.

  5. I myself would not personally buy this product. I have never really seen the benefits of gaming exercise. Personally, I am contempt with going to gym and getting a sweat that why. However, with that being said, I could see this product are very lucrative. There are many people out there that have different views with exercising with video games. Many adults who do not have the time to go workout or parents pushing their kids to exercise more. Additionally, it has already been seen that the Wii fit was revolutionary in exercising with video games. If it didn’t work then the Wii fit wouldn’t be around anymore. I am sure this will be a good product down the road.

  6. I have a hard time believing this machine will go for $400-$600. They may be saying that now but typical fitness treadmills cost over a thousand dollars, and this one can play video games! Even if the price does end up being that low, how many people are going to buy it? This is the first machine of its kind, so there are bound to be bugs. I think many people will recognize this risk and hesitate to buy the product. Maybe further down the road when they actually have the technology to produce these machines efficiently and cost effectively, people would give more consideration to buying the product.

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