Facebook Home for Mobile Users Innovative? or a Flop?

Facebook wants to takeover your computer, tablet, life, and now your Phone?

The sole objective for Facebook Home is to immediately let you gain access to the social network with just a simple look at your phones screen, and this works without you physically running the app or even unlocking your phone. So in simple words, from your locked screen you’ll be able to see your news feed, posts, and full screen photos posted by friends—not to mention you will also have the ability to comment and like the items you stumble upon.

Facebook Home
Facebook Home “Start Up Screen”

So how exactly is this innovative/different as to other phones with normal software? A Facebook Home equipped phone differentiates itself from other phones as you turn on the screen. You will see the time and a small circle at the bottom of the phone displaying your current profile picture. If you don’t touch the screen, your news feeds, known as Cover Feed (in Facebook Home), will start displaying and automatically scrolling from one post to another. There is also the option of manually swiping through the feed just incase you come across something interesting. On the bright side each post takes up the entire diameter of the screen, giving you the perfect visual. If a photo is posted then it will lighten up the screen and you have the option of double clicking to enter your comment or to add a like. If it’s a text post, the author’s photo will appear transparent in the background. If you swipe your finger to the right, you now engage in Facebook Messenger, where you can directly speak to your friends, while also seeing and receiving your SMS texts.

If your friends are boring and you’re really not an avid Facebook user then I can see this being very pointless and annoying to you. But if your obsessed with Facebook and constantly stalking an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or cant get enough from just having it on your computer, then Facebook Home might be right down your alley. Then again, the option for Facebook Home is 100% optional when buying a new phone, so Facebook still allows the customer choose whether they want to adapt to Facebook Home or just use the normal app.

iPhone users, you like the idea? Well unfortunately Facebook Home is an optional feature for Android users only. It won’t be running on any Apple products because apple does not allow other companies to take control of the main functions. Though in Apples basic settings you are allowed to sign into you Facebook and Instagram and be able to share content easily. But that’s as far as it goes with Apples strict policies.

Do you think Facebook Home is differentiating the brand in the right way or setting up for a flop in the mobile world? Was it a bad decision to make software that has opted them from the biggest mobile manufacturer, Apple? What are you thoughts?









18 thoughts on “Facebook Home for Mobile Users Innovative? or a Flop?

  1. This is an interesting concept for Facebook to be pursuing. While it is only to be available to Android users, the built in market of Facebook addicts will undoubtedly jump at the opportunity to make the social media site even more ingrained in daily activities. In that regard, the idea seems like a winner.

    One could argue, however, that smartphone developers eager to pounce on concept by releasing “Facebook Phones” will fall flat. Other idea-centric handsets (the Sony XPheria Play for example) have attempted to appeal to niche markets while sacrificing quality and innovations in other areas to no avail. Those developers eager to break out of current slumps (HTC maybe) will undoubtedly jump at this idea and be plagued with a fad product that isn’t necessary considering the availability of the service on other android devices.

  2. I definitely understand why Facebook would want to control the computer, tablet and phone. Heck, I’d understand why any entity with success like Facebook would want to take over the world. However, with Facebook’s sky the limit mentality I see it as ego getting the best of them. Facebook should focus one thing at a time and make sure no other social networking tool will take their share of the market. Adding a phone or other devices isn’t the solution. All in all, Facebook is getting cocky and greedy. Slow down, pace yourself, and make sure millions of dollars isn’t put into a fire.

  3. This post was very interesting to read,I see the point that Facebook is making by trying to make Facebook a larger part of people’s day, and in some ways try to make people more “addicted” to Facebook by having a constant connection to news feed. For me personally, I think I would find this very annoying and distracting being that posts would constantly be updating on my phones homescreen. Also, I feel that since the new Facebook home would allow for use when the phone is still locked might cause some problems with people accidently liking or posting things unitentionally.
    In regards to your last question, whether or not is was a bad decision to make a software that opted them from Iphone users? I think only time will tell.

  4. As an avid social media user myself, I find this idea incredibly innovative. I think it is interesting that iPhone users (who make up a large percentage of the smartphone customer base) will not have access to the app. I believe it will be used as a tool in order to boost android sales, but I’m sure it will not be long before apple is able to use, or create their own similar app. However, I think this could potentially lead people to become even more addicted to Facebook than they already are. Like the last post mentioned, it could be very distracting to always have it up on your screen, even when your phone locked. I sometimes have trouble concentrating on other things when my phone is constantly lighting up and vibrating, so it may not be a good idea for everyone. I like that social media is able to keep everyone connected, and as a marketing major, there is a huge marketing/advertising benefit to Facebook. But when does it cross the line? d

  5. nteresting article.

    Only having the app for Android Users positions itself against Apple.

    I don’t believe the branding of FB friendly home apps will increase sales for Android.

    I do believe it will increase sales for Android users.

    Facebook flourishes through its most active members. People that love Facebook will try to get their friends and family to join. The movement is increased by its followers.

    Our generation’s addiction (dare say religion?) is social networking. I believe this app will serve FB fans extremely well, and I believe its a right step in the direction of Facebook.

    Personally, I don’t see how a “Home” page is any different than my FB app I have on my Apple Iphone.

  6. I find this concept to be innovative. It is a very interesting concept and does key into the fact that a majority of smart phone users are obsessed with facebook and social media, as they most likely use that feature or app more then they’ve ever used their phone to actually call someone.

    However, I think this idea has possibly gone a step too far in the wrong direction. It’s great for facebook and will most likely prolong facebook’s life and use in the social media market- assuming people really buy into it. From a user standpoint, I think it’s generally unnecessary and even a potential hazard to a person’s safety and privacy. People being distracted leads to so many problems such as stolen phones or personal injury from only paying attention to their phone. On top of that, if your phone does get stolen- the person has instant access to your facebook and you!

    With that- I think it’s a bold decision, but the implications that come from the idea could really put facebook in turmoil. I personally would not opt for this feature because I think the problems with privacy and increased distraction out weigh the perks or necessity. Facebook definitely has always led the social media market, but I think this feature isn’t something that will truly help facebook differentiate itself in a valuable way.

  7. I agree with TLawrence and ABarrios. I can see why Facebook would want to do it. Like Apple, Facebook is always trying to find an innovative way to push themselves ahead or reinvent what they already have. I myself have a Facebook although I am not sure I would want it on my home screen. Nevertheless this is a fascinating article that really brings to your attention where technology is going and how far sites like Facebook will go to keep and intrigue its users. Although other phone users might want Facebook home, I think it was a smart idea to let only android users have the application right now. Having android customers use it will let Facebook see how the public will react to it and if it would be worth investing more money into. This article made me think if I would want an application as a home screen. Is it something that could be the next big thing.

  8. I would never use this app but I see why Facebook would want to do this, its another way to force itself into its users lives. I also agree with the fact that only those who are obsessed with social media will like this Facebook home. This could potentially annoy those users with time once they have to see Facebook every time they check the time on their phone. They could eventually loose interest on Facebook and this new innovative idea can contribute to Facebook loosing users.

  9. I am always interested to see how Facebook will compete in the marketplace. This new application seems as if it will be a profitable move for Android. Cell phones are consistently being purchased for younger consumers, who are also very intrigued by social media, most significantly, Facebook. Because of this trend, the Facebook Home application has a good chance of being successful within a younger age group. If Facebook can target this application to preteens, teens and college age people, it may be beneficial for both Facebook and Andriod, at least in the short-run. Marketing this new application to Android users only, may create a unique, privileged feeling for some users, which could attract and convert cell phone users when they purchase their first/next phone. College graduates and older adults seem to remain interested in using Facebook as a way to connect with long distance friends and family, but I do not see it consuming their lives as it does to the younger demographic.

    Facebook is frequently improving their site and creating better ways to interact with it whenever and wherever the user desires, and for this I admire the company. By providing this option to cell phone users, they are getting more attention and use out of their webpage. Allowing Facebook to become the home screen of a phone creates a large advantage over other competing social media applications such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. I will be keeping an eye out for future articles reporting the response to this new Facebook application. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I found this post very interesting to read. I had never heard of Facebook Home before, but it doesn’t surprise me that Facebook has come out with something like this to try and further themselves in the market. I’m not sure, however, that Facebook Home will be as successful as the company hopes. While some people will probably jump at the idea to be even more connected to Facebook throughout the day, I do not see most people wanting the site constantly up as a home screen. I also think it was very risky to make software that will never comply with Apple. Apple is the biggest mobile manufacturer, and while this software can be something android uses to try and differentiate themselves against Apple, I would still be cautious if I were Facebook.

  11. I hear what your are saying and I think you make some very good arguments about the Facebook software. I would like to turn the table on the topic slightly and discuss the cell phone company that will be manufacturing the smart phones with the Facebook software installed as the main page…HTC. The biggest failure of the Facebook software may be its union with HTC…which is not the smart phone manufacturer it once was three years ago.

    Want to talk about bad, HTC’s profits fell 98% last quarter. That is equivalent to Jay Culter going from throwing 19 touchdowns like he did last year; to .38 touchdowns this year. Cutler would be out the league the following year, and HTC might be done soon also. Back to Facebook, if people are not buying HTC’s Facebook orientated phones; then the Facebook software is not going to get a lot of exposure since as you said Apple does not want Facebook overpowering it.


  12. Facebook is clearly setting up a flop for Apple users and trying to promote their brand through the use of Android phones. This option only seems likely to succeed through the most devoted and addicted Facebook users. Most smart phone users have the Facebook App on their phone and that has clearly not been a problem. Facebook is trying to control the consumer rather than make use of consumers ideas and ask us what we really want. We all saw what happened when Facebook went public last year… I have a feeling this might go the same way.

  13. This is an interesting read, and I can see why Facebook wants to pursue this idea. The market is constantly changing, and social media companies such as Facebook need to find ways to hang on, or something newer and more exciting will replace them. Personally, I do not like this idea because I think there is more to life then to be constantly linked to your social network site. Also being a user of an android smartphone, this Facebook Home is going to be a flop because android and pretty notorious for their poor battery life and constantly needing to be connected to the internet for this work, battery life will be even shorter. I also think that only a few people will opt for this feature because then more important notifications such as emails, text and phone calls won’t show up on the home screen. I understand why Facebook would want to infiltrate the smartphone market, but I think they should talk to customers, do some research and see if it something that customers want because in the end it will depend on customers for success.

  14. This is an interesting article and I think brings a lot of good points to the table. Right away what caught my attention was the idea of “cover feed.” I think with society and technology getting faster and the demand for getting information quicker and in better ways, this could be successful. With your phone not being unlocked and automatically scrolling through new posts, theres not a much faster way to get your Facebook information then that, so in essence its genius. However, I think this technology being available only with the android is a bad decision. Positioning itself against Apple is not smart because first of all Apple is extremely dominant int he mobile market, and I think Facebook choosing sides could potentially hurt them down the road. I don’t think there is a big enough market in android phones for this to really make an impact. I believe the hype will not match the response, leading to a flop in this technology.

  15. I wonder why they want to completely change social media into an obsession. People always know what’s going on in your life because of facebook/social media; they find out who you’re with, where you are and who you talk to! Not only is the app efficient enough to overlook those facts, but now they want it to be on your home screen where you can instantly see what’s going on without touching a button? This technology is going to be a flop, there’s already enough insight on “what’s going on” in your life with just the app itself, I find it pointless. This will hurt facebook in the end because people will realize that they will have nothing to talk about when they see each other, there will be no point in “catching up” anymore; just a room full of people with an obsession of their phone.

  16. This is an interesting concept by Facebook. Its crazy to see how social media is effecting the lives of people. I check my news feed and notifications like it is my job. This new concept will make it a lot easier for heavy users such as me. Just like any new idea that comes out, there is always a chance of it not succeeding but where would Facebook be is they did not take a chance. I personally think this is a great idea and I am sure it will catch on pretty quickly with people.

  17. Facebook

    I am not a frequent user of facebook anymore but this looks like mostly a waste of my time. I use my phone alot lately. Its not because I have time to play video games on it. Its because I send emails, and serf the web, and look at news and read books. Kids lately have been more into social media and that has been our fall. People care more more culture entertainment then, caring more for news and what is important. Google android is doing this to gain the younger culture population. They want to increase their sales, even if it doesnt have a google presence on the first page. Maybe is because GOOGLE + which is their social entity has not been upto par.

  18. Personally, yes I use facebook, but not as much as most, so my comment is probably biased in saying that this app doesn’t seem to revolutionary. I am just not sure the point of having a “Facebook phone” when you an already useable facebook app that is almost to the tee of facebook on the computer. I don’t expect much from this new app and see it as a quick fad and nothing more.

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