iPad Mini, just one of the newest additions to the Apple familyT


The iPad Mini just came out this weekend and as always they had a line waiting outside the door. It is sold for around $329 in stores all around. According to CNET.com, it takes only $188 dollars to manufacture. I found this really interesting because it got me thinking of how much money  they can make off every product. There are differneces between how much it takes to make a 16 gb compared to the 32 gb and 64 gb iPads. It costs another $80 dollars for the iPads with more memory in them. They also sell for $429 for the 32gb and $529 for the 64gb.

The iPad Mini looks great, but is it worth buying is what I have been thinking about. Apple has been known for their superior products and are leading their competitors which is the Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle, and the new Microsoft Surface. I think the product will do very well in today’s market because Apple has a reputation of having great products.  Only Apple has come out with a product of their tablet and making a miniature version of it. I think it is a good idea, but the question is, will it sell to their expectations? They are selling their product over $100 dollars more than their competition, and Apple assumes they can do so because you pay more for quality and a credible name. I believe thats why they are charging a significant amount more than other competitors, but they can do so, don’t you think?

It is unbelievable on how much money Apple is making off of their products. The come out with something new throughout the year every year. They have expanded since they started in ’76 and keep on expanding. The net worth of Apple a decade ago was $10 billion and the net worth as of 2012 is close to $500 billions dollars. It is crazy  to think of all that they have done in the last 10 years. I feel as though Apple is just getting bigger, they have not peaked and are still in their prime. They are going to have many new products coming out, and for now, it is the iPad Mini

Would you guys feel about the iPad Mini? Do you think you will consider buying it at any time? How do you feel about Apple and their expansion into one of the greatest companies in history?



4 thoughts on “iPad Mini, just one of the newest additions to the Apple familyT

  1. I thought your comparison between the cost and retail price was interesting, but I would have made it slightly clearer. For instance originally you show the price and cost of the 16gb model, then tell the prices of the 32 and 64gb models, but do not specify their costs. It would be interesting if you had calculated the gross margin of each product and see which makes Apple (and subsidiaries, etc.) the most money per unit.

    The stats about the net worth of Apple are really fascinating, and it just goes to show how much, iTunes, iPods, iPhones and the iPads have skyrocketed the value of the company by 5000%. My only question is, since the value has been going up so rapidly, don’t you think a slowing of growth or declining is inevitable? Despite Apple’s constant innovation, when do you think their meteoric rise will start to falter?

  2. I think the Ipad mini is completely useless and not needed at all. I think sales are for the Ipad mini sales are going to be slow and diminishing. I personally don’t think that they will be making enough money to continue making it.

  3. I found it interesting that you mentioned Apple introduces new products every year. I believe this is one of Apple’s greatest strengths. The iPad Mini has very slight changes compared to previous iPads. However, Apple is improving their products faster than many competitors, even if the changes seem insignificant to some consumers.

  4. As an owner of multiple Apple products I still seem to find myself a critic. Apple is more expensive than many other electronics and they are “allowed” to be because their name is so reputable with high quality products. However, I find it ridiculous that they create a tablet and their next venture is to make the exact same product but smaller. I would rather have a new innovative products rather than just upgraded versions year after year. It becomes quite costly for consumers. And it amazes me how much they actually spend making their products.

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