Colorblind : Does Color Really Matter?



Apple has finally announced their iPad Mini. It’s set to be available for sale on November 2nd, with pre-orders starting October 25th. It’s 7.2 mm thick and weighs just 308 mg, but still has the same size screen as the iPad 2.  It features two cameras, a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 1.2 megapixel front camera.

A day after it was made available for pre-order, the Chicago Tribune released an article stating that the white iPad mini has been sold out. As we all know, all Apple products come in two colors, white and black, leaving only black iPad minis available for pre-order. The expected shipping date for the white has been set to two weeks while the black is still available to ship out November 2nd.

So, why is it that something so simple as color makes such a big difference in sales? Being black or white has no impact on the function or the performance of the product. I have seen many instances where the color of the product was made out to be just as important as its performance. There are some car models, clothing items, and other products that are priced differently due to color as well. One retail store I used to work at always priced clothes that were black more than other colors.

Even for me, I find myself being more attracted to white Apple products. My iPhone, iPad 2 , and iPod are all white. I think they look more feminine and pretty compared to the black. I have many friends that have chosen their phones and other Apple products based on color.

So tell me, does color really matter? How big of a role does color design of products play in your decision making? Would you wait for more of the white iPad minis to be available or just purchase the black model and receive it on time?,0,4979541.story

3 thoughts on “Colorblind : Does Color Really Matter?

  1. I personally think that the color play a huge role in decision making. As you said, all of your Apple’s products are white because you think “look more feminine and pretty compared to the black.” I definitely agree with that. I used to have black iPhone but when they have white, I switch to the white. I just think it look better in white.

  2. Personally I would buy the black iPad regardless if they had white left. I think that they black looks cleaner and sleeker. Color makes such an impact because it affects our mood. Studies have shown how red is associated with aggression, white with purity, blue with calm, and so on. This however, is not consistent between cultures. Why do you think colors can mean something so different in other cultures?

  3. I personally have the white iPhone. I specifically chose the white version, for the same reasons you stated– it looks more feminine, but also because all of my other cell phones have been black, so I wanted a change. Given this, I think that color is important, as it serves as a way to differentiate your product from competitors.
    Historically, most phones have been silver/gray or black. I tend to believe that led to the popularity of cell phone covers, though, because it was a way to customize your phone to your preferences.

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