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It seems like just about every month Apple is coming out with some new gadget or upgrade to one of there previous products. Today Apple introduced the iPad Mini, which will be the first major extension int he companies line or products in over two years. The cost for this new device will start at $329 and will be available November 2nd or on presale this Friday.

The iPad mini apparently was a product that Steve Jobs had dismissed early on because he thought these smaller tablets were highly prone to failure in the market. But as other companies such as Google and Samsung have had their mini tablets fail Apple defends themselves by saying those products were just not what the consumer wanted. This time around Apple has taken the time to ensure its features were good enough for their customers.

Analysts at today’s meeting say that the release of the iPad mini will help maintain Apples momentum in the industry. Many analysts also predict that this products will become a key player in education and emerging markets such as China. With this being said Apple is already forecasting for a high demand for this product globally.

As we saw with the release of the iPhone 5, Apple needs to be able to manage their quality of their products and forecast accurately for the demand in this new product. Inventory management is going to be key as these new products are going to be demanded in stores and online to customers all over the world. It will be interesting to see the quality of this new device as well as how Apple keeps up with consumer demand.

15 thoughts on “Apple iPad Mini Revealed

  1. I think that it is interesting that Apple announced the iPad mini so shortly after the release of the iPhone 5, which in my opinion are both very similar. I feel that they would wait a little bit in between the two. Their forecasting for this product could be skewed due to the fact that there is only about a month in between the release dates.

  2. I think that iPad mini was a great addition to the products of Apple. I am sure there will be high demand for the iPad mini especially with how successful the previous iPad’s have been, and now this mini iPad allows it to be easier for travel. I would like to note that the new iPad mini has HD face time, which is a new feature to face time in general. I think this was a smart feature to add to the iPad mini, because it is something that the previous Apple products do not have. You can tell that Apple really thinks through what they release each product with to make sure it will have something different that makes consumers want to purchase it. Like with the iPhone 5, Apple created panoramic picture taking to add a new feature (that other Apple products didn’t have), and now with the iPad mini, it has the new feature of HD face time, which is an additional feature that no other product has the will make consumers want to purchase it besides the fact of it being a mini iPad. Smart move on Apple.

  3. I think it’s interesting that Apple is anticipating a high demand for the mini iPad, yet they forecasted poorly with the iPhone 5. There was such a high demand for the iPhone 5, yet they were unable to keep up with the demand. They ran out of inventory and were back ordered. I’m curious to see if Apple put in more effort to forecast accurately for the mini iPad. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. The idea of a line extension is always great for a company. Apple has shown great line extensions with there Ipods, Iphones,and now there tablets. what they refuse to acknowledge is that the market simply doesn’t want mini tablets. Google and Samsung both attempted to create this product and failed. Apple, you do not own the world, stop thinking you can make people want these miniature tablets. We the people will decide what we want/like, not you.

  5. I think it’s great that apple came out with a mini iPad. I own an iPad and love it. I’m sure the mini one will be just as successful as the original iPad. I do think though that the price they are selling it for is rather high. Competitors are selling similar products for $199 and has pretty much the same features. It will be interesting to see how the mini does and if more people buy the mini instead of the original iPad.

  6. I agree with people who think iPad mini is a great addition to apples line of products. at the same time, i believe, this product was launched by apple to protect itself from competition (samsung galaxy tab, windows and google) therefore, in such short time they released ipad mini with no innovation in the product. Its merely a copy of iPad but a mini version without a new idea or concept. Apple since few years is launching products with incremental improvement to the old ones.
    I doubt ipad mini will be as successful as its predecessors.

  7. The Ipad mini will definitely be a great addition to apples line of tablets. Since the mini’s are going to be made out of the same material as the Iphone 5, Apple is really going to have to pay attention to detail and quality when making them. When the Iphone 5 came out there were many complaints that the phone came scratched or dented right out of the box. In a few days we will be able to see if Apple upped there quality and fixed the issues they were having in there production. When the Ipad mini comes out and still have the same problem that the Iphone 5 had i feel that people will start to wonder if Apple is loosing its edge in having outstanding quality products.

  8. I agree with Raza,they released the ipad mini so quickly without any new ideas or concepts. I believe that Apple’s focus before was to produce one of a kind and innovative products, but now that they have major competition, Apple’s priority to get these products are quickly. The quality of their products seem to be dwindling and they are relying on brand recognition. They know that people usually purchase their products because of the brand.

  9. I agree with barbiaux, the ipad mini and the iphone 5 were released too close to eachother. I feel as though the excitement for the ipad mini was not everything it should have been because people were more focused on the iphone 5. I still know of people who are waiting for their phone on back order, their concern is definitely not how they can throw another $400+ into Apples hands. I also agree with Wolf and am curious to see if their forecasting and plan for the demand of the ipad mini is going to better than the one for the iphone 5. Yes it is important to make a product seem in high demand, and in a sense making people wait for the iphone 5 makes it that much more popular, but they were very far off with their forecasting.

    I think it was smart for Apple to wait and see how other companies did with the release of smaller tablets before they put theirs into the market. Apple was able to see what features consumers were really looking for and like Apple always does, they deliver just that and more to make their tablet the chosen one on the market.

  10. Just last week I commented that I thought the iPad occupied a different space in the tablet market – completely separate from smaller tablets like the Nook or Kindle. However, with the introduction of the iPad mini, Apple has put itself in direct competition with these other companies. With the exception of Apple’s recent troubles surrounding the release of “Maps”, I believe Apple consistently releases great products. In fact, the iPad has already proven to be a great product which leads me to believe that the iPad mini is most likely a great product as well. I’m confident that Apple will find success with this product and that it will be a “must have” this holiday season.

  11. It’s a great product that Apple introduced, but it could fail because of high price. iPad mini is just like an iPhone 5 that Apple introduced last month. I was really surprised that they introduced it that fast after iPhone 5. I think they were really worried about Microsoft Surface and other tablets.

  12. I think that the iPad mini is going to set a great pace for Apple’s sales. I know that the original iPad has currently been experiencing a decrease in overall sales due to the fact that other tablets have come out in the market that are smaller and more compact. The smaller size caused many of consumers that were once loyal to the Apple brand to switch over to products such as the Kindle Fire. Although I do believe the price is set a little high, I believe that Apple has always been a high quality/high price product and has been greatly successful in promoting this type of product. I think that all the consumers that switched over to purchasing products such as the Kindle Fire, will once again prove their original loyalty to Apple by purchasing the iPad mini because it now gives them the smaller size that they considered a necessity.

  13. The iPad Mini is an important product to be released into the market because of its potential success. It was discussed earlier that companies who had introduced similar products were not doing well, if Apple can still grab customer attraction with this new product, it could mean a lot to the innovation of the mini tables and a potentially large opportunity that can be gained. The pre-sale numbers will defiantly be the determining factor in how much inventory they will create, but more importantly to to gauge if customers are going to be willing to buy this product,

  14. I agree with some of the comments above that the iPad mini is a way for Apple Inc. to simply match their customers, which caused the company to create a smaller version of a product that has already been released earlier. The iPad mini is almost exactly like the regular sized iPad and the latest released product, theiPhone5, which is why many customers are complaining that the new product has no new innovations. Since many Apple customers simply follow Apple due to its image as the leaders in innovations, it has disappointed many people. It seems that the only reason the iPad mini was created because of competitors who had already come out with such a product.

  15. I agree with the post that inventory management is going to be key. I also believe that forecasting is going to be vital in order to prevent sell-outs and shortages. I believe that apple should not base the prospects of their new products on the success of the products that are further along in their respective life cycles. Instead, the company should treat this new product as the product that it is, their entry into the small tablet market. I do believe that the release date coming so soon after the release of the iPhone 5 is going to affect its sales. However as with all other Apple products I will not be surprised if it becomes the market leader.

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