How good does a product have to look?

When you come across a product, what is the first thing you look for? Something that “looks good”? Or do you look for something that fits your needs?

It is pretty evident that the majority of people are attracted to products that service to consumers of all ages. You see companies attempting to make the “thinnest,” “fastest,” or “most attractive” products. But what does attractiveness have to do with how someone functions? In Taipei, Taiwan, not only does Computex have a fair where their latest products are marketed, but many manufacturers “consider attractive showgirls the best way to get even the most prosaic processor noticed.” Sure, the first impression is always the most important, but what kind of message does a company give when they have “showgirls” displaying their merchandise?

Not only do they attract people by doing this, but they seem to all produce similar products. As they try to manufacture the “sleekest,” “thinnest,” or “smallest” product, they are all at risk of designing the same product. A company like Apple has shown success at creating products that not only provide services needed by consumers, but they have become notorious for their designs. These designs are so powerful that other companies attempt to come close to such designs as a way of attracting consumers. In doing that, they also run the risk of forgetting what their company stands for. Another thing to take into consideration while manufacturing a new product is the cost to create this new and improved item. Perhaps they are not a company with the most fashionable items, but they may be known for the services they provide. Is it more important to service to the wants or needs of consumers?

3 thoughts on “How good does a product have to look?

  1. This was a great read because you can see that there has been a shift of importance in a product’s qualities. Years ago, consumers bought products based on price. When you have two products with the same features, consumers chose the cheaper one. Now, everyone chooses Apple whether or not there is another product that is cheaper with even better features. To answer your question, it is important to service to the wants and needs of consumers but at the same time, a product’s design is the face of a company. I believe that a product’s design with good ratings creates an even more powerful product.

  2. I personally think that product design is very important or may be it just a girl thing. Everything I buy just need to look good and the quality and the price will come next. In Thailand, “Tao Kae Noi” (Young Boss) is a snack Product Company that sells fried seaweed. Although they select high quality and fresh raw material, but seven-eleven (7-11) still not accept because of the bag design. They had to improve the product design several time, before the company has become the leader in selling crispy seaweed and also got accept from 7-11. Therefore not only the quality, the product design is also important.

  3. In today’s society, appearance is important in a product, but price and functionality are also leading factors. Like you mentioned, appearance is becoming more of a decision-breaker in manufacturing decisions. This is important because an eye-catching product will make consumers want to explore more of the product details, which would hopefully lead to a purchase. If something doesn’t have a good appearance, I tend to relate that with quality, so I would most likely pass on purchasing the product.

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