Came across this article last night and found it to be very interesting. The article talked about a variety of different points in why Apple should consider buying Nokia. At first I thought the article was going to be absurd reasons on why they should but after I finished reading it did make sense.

One of the first points that is talked about is how many useful patents NOK has. Because NOK has some of the best wireless patents this could be a giant asset to AAPL. Another point that is talked about is NOK map technology. As everyone is aware Apple Maps “failed” you could say. There were bugs and it was not as user friendly as Google Maps. NOK is said to have just as good map technology and this could aid AAPL because right now they have nothing essentially. The next point on NOK wireless TV technology which may help AAPL if they ever venture into the TV market. Right now they offer Apple TV but they do not physically make TVs yet, although it has been talked about. And the last big point the article makes is that MSFT an NOK work together on mobile so this could give AAPL even more of the phone market if they do acquire NOK.

Overall I think AAPL should consider this move. They need to stay ahead of the game and with everyone working on the next big thing NOK could help me dramatically just with the maps portion of AAPL. Along with the maps, NOK has a wide variety of patents that AAPL would love to get their hands on.






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