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Redbox was first introduced in 2002 at McDonald’s locations. Today, there are more than 31,500 different locations and people have rented approximately 2 billion DVDs and video games.  At an affordable price of only $1 per day, anyone can check out a movie. You can find Redbox kiosks at Walgreens, supermarkets, food chain restaurants, 7 Elevens and even at the airport. Redbox has been so successful in movie rentals that it has put long standing movie chains out of business. However, Red box has taken on a new business venture; selling concert tickets with a fee of just $1. This sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  Instead of waiting in lines at the box office or paying an outrageous processing fee, you can go to your local Redbox and grab tickets to your favorite concert. Redbox mentioned that they will not be selling front row tickets, but rather those seats that would otherwise not be sold at all.  The company will continue to rent  movies and games, but will now add ticket distribution at their kiosks.

You can also go online to their website and purchase tickets as well. Starting small with their new venture they will start by selling tickets to Carrie Underwood’s, November 28 concert at the Wells Fargo Center arena. If you are looking to go to her concert and do not want to spend a lot of money $1 is a great deal, even if you do not have front row seats. Going one step farther, not only will the company sell concert tickets, but will also be selling tickets to sports events which include football games and NASCAR races. How great is that? You will no longer have to worry about those high fees or even drive very far to grab your tickets anymore.


I believe that Redbox is taking a risky move, but I feel that they can potentially achieve success.  The company  is ultimately helping concerts and sports events by selling their unwanted seats  that would otherwise be a waste. Redbox is helping venues by making them more money and reducing their losses. Redbox will also be in a new competitive market which includes such ticket brokers as Ticketmaster. Usually these companies charge a large  fee for purchasing from their websites, but Redbox will charge a small fee of $1. It will be interesting to see how this affects these big companies, which have been selling tickets for years.I think Redbox has made a smart decision to step out of just being a movie and gaming rental, but a place for people to purchase tickets for both concerts and sporting events. They have already achieved great success in such a short amount of time. Time will only tell if the company’s new venture will be a success or not.


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  1. Great article choice! Redbox has proven to a very successful company, and expanding seems like the next logical step. Something I do think that Redbox should be cautionary of is the fact that selling tickets is not what they are in the business of doing. Sometimes when a company tries hard to bring a new product or service to their already successful company, it can hurt their main business.

    As you mentioned, the Carrie Underwood concert will be a great test of how well Redbox can implement this new plan. However, the company needs to really weight the advantages and disadvantages they come along with entering a new market. Ticket sales could fail and angered customers could pull away from renting movies.

    Just a thought.


  2. This was very interesting article. I’m very surprised that Redbox will start selling concert tickets and what’s more surprised is that they will be selling the tickets for $1 only. The questions that come to my mind is how will Redbox make their profit by selling concert tickets for $1 only and where are the seats going to be located in the concert, because like mentioned in the article the seats that Redbox will sell they would not be sold otherwise so I wonder how the seating arrangements will work. I also agree with Catie on her “comment about sometimes companies try hard to bring new product or services to their company.” I agree especially selling their tickets for $1 only. Redbox did bring down a lot of rental movie stores but I don’t thing it will hurt any ticket selling company. Not only because they can’t compete with them but also because they are selling seats in concerts that no company would sell. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this article and I think its a good idea for Redbox I just wonder how they will do in the future with this new idea.

  3. I really liked this article because I was always curious about what red box would do in its future to expand its business. I think the idea of selling concert tickets with a fee of only $1 is great. Many people visit red boxes and if they see a concert on their with cheap tickets, they might buy the tickets. It is something that they might not normally do on their own unless it was presented to them with a cheap option. For instance, if I went to a red box and saw a ticket for Bruce Springsteen for cheap, I might buy it because it sounds fun and is inexpensive. I would not normally go out on my own and by a Bruce ticket, but since it was brought to my attention and for a cheap price, then I might buy the ticket. I feel many people will have the same mindset. This is will help red box gain attention and more profit, but will also help the venue and the performer gain more money too.

  4. Red box made a name for itself quickly in the movie rental business, making it more convenient and cheaper for people to rent movies while on the go. The only question is how long can they stay ahead. People now have the option to rent movies online for cheap and just download a file that expires in a certain amount of time. ITunes and Amazon give users the option to purchase a rental of the latest movies without ever leaving their home. I think this is a great marketing technique for Red box. Although people have the option to just purchase concert tickets or sporting event tickets online, they get charged a fee and for some it is more a hassle then having the actual ticket. Red box will appeal to those for its price and its convenience. I have bought tickets online numerous times and had issues when I tried to use them, the barcode wasn’t valid or something did register etc.
    There is a certain comfort will having the physical ticket in your hand, as long as you don’t forget it! Entities like smart phones have begun to target issues such as this, by producing a barcode on the phone that can be scanned in, but I don’t believe that this will completely combat the issue. Electronics can always malfunction as we know. I believe Rod box will be successful and in order to stay in business they must try to stay ahead of the game. This is an innovative attempt to keep their profits up, they want to slow the movement towards maturity or decline and stay in the growth stage as long as possible.

  5. I loved this article and I am excited to see a redbox near me that will be selling these $1 concert tickets! I think it is a fabulous idea for Redbox to strive to increase growth within their company since they have been so successful with their business in movie rental sales. Although, As Catie stated in the first comment, Redbox has to be cautious with how they introduce and incorporate this new line of business to consumers because you do not want to take away from the success of their already existing business of movie rental sales. I visited Redbox’s website after reading this article and really admired the simplicity of their company’s mission statement: “Redbox is a fun, easy way to rent the newest and most popular new movie and games.” While I believe that it would definitely be easy for Redbox to add to this mission statement by stating that they now offer a new service of $1 ticket sales (which is both fun and easy), it also somewhat changes their business completely. Personally, I would be confused as a consumer seeing Redbox transition from a business that provides rentals, to a business that allows for purchases (of tickets). In the end, Redbox may find that less is more.

  6. Great article! I had no idea that Redbox was expanding in to the “tickets” market. I wonder what the price of the tickets would be, as you mentioned they are selling tickets that people have not already purchased? This idea seems to be floating around everywhere now, from Kayak, to, stubhub and now Redbox! I think in time, purchasing movies direct from your television will go down, and Redbox (and dvd rentals) will decrease dramatically. So it is very appropriate and forward-thinking of them to expand in to new markets.

  7. This is an interesting article to write about. Redbox has been quite success in its DVD renting business. So successful, that after a few years of operation began making video games available for rent. Their cheap and convenient concept has done very well for them. They have taken other movie renting businesses out of businesses. However, this new concept of theirs seems a little problematic. How exactly do they plan on turning a profit from this new business venture of theirs? Many of companies that sell such tickets make most of their profits by the fees that they charge. Maybe Redbox will get lucky with this new business venture of their just by people who are curious and want to try it out. This is a very unexpected move for Redbox to make and, if you ask me, completely out of their element. Let’s hope that thinking so far out of the box will pay off in the long run for them.
    However, one reason I think it might be successful is because many times people may want to go to popular sports events or shows bust just do now have the money to do so. So, this new concept will be very beneficiary for those people, and basically anyone else. In this competitive economy, innovative ideas are essential for businesses to stay in business and to expand, and this sure does fall under that category. I guess we will have to wait and see how it will all turn out.

  8. I think this is a cool idea for Redbox. Im just wondering though, are they selling these tickets for the price of the ticket plus $1 or is that the total price of the ticket? If its $1 total then Im assuming they’re not gonna be the greatest seats right? Either way its pretty convenient. I think it will translate into more customers for Redbox. I believe it will cause impulse buys for the customer. A customer will be searching for movies and be curious about the concerts and maybe buy a ticket to a concert they think might be interesting. Like someone said earlier, I am a little concerned that they may be stretching too far out of their normal business. On the other hand, there are tons of companies that started out in one business and ended up being successful in a totally different industry. If I were to be completely optimistic, I could see this changing the dynamic of buying tickets. Eventually if this become successful at first more people will buy their tickets at Redbox. Then, they might start getting better tickets and eventually people will start buying their tickets at Redbox instead of places like Ticketmaster where fees are much higher.

  9. The $1 is not the price of the ticket, but it is the service fee tacked on to the cost of the ticket. That $1 fee is being compared to ticket outlets, such as Ticketmaster, who charge anywhere from $15-40 in service fees per ticket. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Redbox is a dying company who is trying anything and everything to compete with big-time movie providers like Netflix and Amazon, for example. Redbox is using the $1 fee is an ambiguous way, which is probably the reason why everyone has commented saying that this is amazing and really cool. They are just trying to get consumers to bite. Just another gimmick, in my opinion. This will not last long at all, and it is only in a trial period anyway.

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