IPhone 5 Apple Maps VS. Google Maps

In 2007 Apple introduced something called an IPhone which changed the world forever. Each year since 2007 Apple has been releasing new models of the IPhone. This year there newest addition was the IPhone 5. The IPhone 5 is the fastest and thinnest smart phone in the world.  Apple sold over five million units within the first couple weeks.  This is more than the amount of IPhone 4S that were sold in the opening weeks.

The new IOS6 firmware that was introduced with the IPhone 5 came with a few changes. A lot of people weren’t happy with some of these changes. One of the biggest shockers for users was that the maps application was changed. The previous five IPhones used Google Maps. Google Maps has been the leading maps application for smart phones for a while now, ever since they passed Yahoo and MapQuest.

Apple introduced its own Apple Maps application with the release of IOS6. There have been many complains about this new maps application. People have been complaining that:

  • The application has fewer details
  • There is no longer an option to select public transportation
  • There are misplaced landmarks

These issues aren’t really that big of a deal. Apple was looking at the overall picture when they decided to make the switch from Google Maps to their own. It took Google years to make it to the top of the market with their maps application. People shouldn’t be surprised that apples maps application is not as good as Google’s. The reason is because Apples application is still new. I’m sure that if consumers give Apple some time they won’t be disappointed. For years now Apple has been coming out with mind blowing innovations and I feel that there maps application isn’t any different.

People have been too busy complaining about the small issues that they don’t even realize that apple added the one thing that most users were asking for, turn- by- turn navigation.  Apple couldn’t keep Google Maps because Google only allowed turn- by- turn navigation on android devices.

I feel that Apples quality and effort can’t be beat.  They have been making top quality products for years and I feel that this is never going to change.



9 thoughts on “IPhone 5 Apple Maps VS. Google Maps

  1. The maps deal between Apple and Google still qualified Apple to use Google Maps on the the newest iPhone, as well as the Google-owned Youtube App. However, due to the growing rivalry between the two, Apple felt it was better to cut ties with Google sooner than later. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook released a statement apologizing for Apple’s Map application’s failure to uphold the level of quality that is expected from Apple, noting that it would get better the more people use it. I feel that the short-comings of Apple’s Map app is only a temporary issue and that it will undoubtedly improve over time. Since Apple dropped the Youtube app as a native application, it has been released as a downloadable app that happens to be much better than the native version used on the phone before. This is a good sign that Google may develop a downloadable Google Maps app in the near future that will certainly appease those who miss having it on previous versions of the iPhone.

  2. I do believe that the more the application is used, the better it will become. Comments and suggestions will flood in and the designers will continuously make the app better. Next time there is a software update, Im sure there will be close to a dozen changes to the map app and people will be happier with how it turns out. Apple really is the technology giant of our generation and I have no doubt that they will succeed. Yes, google maps is amazing and it does close to anything we can ask for out of an application, but this just means that apple can learn from that and improve their own application while doing so. If apple kept relying on google, google would continue to narrow the gap between them and apple until they were surpassing apple. It is time for apple to make there own footprint in the market for certain things and start becoming independent. I think iPhone users should see this as a step in the right direction instead of focusing on the fact that for just one more software update they have to sacrifice a few special features. Apple will succeed, I have no doubt.

  3. I agree with you that Apple makes very good quality products, and even though they are no longer using Google maps (and there may be a few issues), I think that over time people will adapt to this new form of a navigation system. No product is ever perfect when it is first introduced to consumers, and I believe Apple will update this application many times in the future, possible making it a much better option than the original Google maps application that was used prior to the release of IOS6.

  4. I agree that the change of taking away Google Maps is not that big of an issue. And as a user of IOS6 the turn by turn navigation is a great feature and is extremely helpful while driving. Although, as other users have complained, I do miss the public transportation that Google Maps provided, especially with living in Chicago. That being said, I believe you are correct that if iPhone users give Apple sometime, they will fix this issue with a new update, and come up with something extraordinary. Apple is always trying to satisfy its customers with better products, so I am sure they are in the making of something great as we speak.

  5. I have no doubt that Apple still creates the best products, but have to admit that the Apple maps application has been a bust so far. I have confidence that they will improve the application, but they released a product that didn’t include features that customers have grown accustomed to. Also, in Tim Cook’s statement, he suggested that customers should use alternative map applications. Clearly, the company still has customer satisfaction in mind, even if it is not through use of Apple products.

  6. Although the new Apple maps application that comes with the IOS6 software is coonsidered to be of lower standard than that of Google maps, I agree with the above commments that, over time, Apple will improve their map application to fit the needs of their customers. Customer satisfaction seems like it is very important to the company based on the fact that each new version of their iPhone comes out with features that their customers desire. Personally, I used the Goodle maps app very frequently and relied heavily on the public transportation option, and the new Apple apps are very hard to follow, but I do believe that Apple will come out with a more advanced and helpful version of their app very soon.

  7. I think this is a great point that Apple is hoping to become self sufficient and cut ties with Google. However, this may have been done a little prematurely. It might have been wise to work out of all the problems with their own system before a full release. Ideally, Apple would have released this as an Application update and tested the responses and acted accordingly. Tim Cook has already apologized to the Apple public and has even suggested that people add a link to Google maps on their device. He is working to fix this issue. Apple still has a year left on its contract with Google and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back Google maps.

  8. I think the biggest problem consumers and apple are having is that after reviews such as the one you just gave, many have been hesitant to download IOS 6. Like myself. I would like to download the new software and be up to date with the top fo the line technology but yet I do not want to lose the little things like google maps. I highly doubt apple will ever put google maps back on the main dashboard but hopefully within a month or 2, their map app will be stellar and just as good. I think they shouldnt have a problem replacing their current app with a bug free one ha ha.

  9. I agree with your article completley. Everyone was excited for the iPhone 5 because Apple makes their products with the best attrivutes and excellence. When people started using the phone and started realizing the defects, Apple’s credibility as the #1 phone started to diminish. The CEO of Apple even made a public apology about the iPhone and the maps defect, but like you said in this article, Apple is using a new maps for the first time and even good had to reach its way to the top after some time. The problem which is instilled in a lot of people still is wheather or not to get the new iPhone or download the new software. I have not done either of these because I, like everybody else, want my iPhone to run perfectly and in my opinion, it is not up to date.

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