No Quality in Technology

It used to be that when we set out in to the marketplace in search of that new must have product there is one criterion that almost everyone has in common, we want something that is of high quality.  It goes with just about everything that we buy.  You want the car that is going to last you the longest, the produce that is the absolute freshest, or the clothing that is made of the finest fabrics. Now, in the market of technology, we seem to be putting this desire for quality on the back burner just as long as we have the technology before everyone else.

Just last week it was that time of year when Apple had their latest version of the iPhone come to market, the iPhone 5.  Over the years, without fail, the first round of phones had some type of defect ranging from a bad antenna to the latest problem of software that is just not ready for the consumer market.  Although these problems occur time and time again people still flock to wait in line to be one of the lucky few that can say they have the latest version of the phone.  This makes me wonder how concerned our society is with the quality of the goods that they are purchasing.  We have created a market where it is no big deal if your company’s product works in the way that was promised, as long as it is a hot piece of technology.

Although our society states that it wants the highest quality of products our purchasing habits of technology tells a different story.  The biggest news stories on the technology market are the failures of Apple’s new mapping software and other quality issues.  Even so, Apple is having trouble keeping the new phones on the shelf.  The technology industry has become vital to almost everything we do on a daily basis, especially in the world of business, so why are we all so willing to cut the market so much slack when we hold others to such high standards?


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