The iPhone 5 Has Arrived.

As we all know, the long awaited iPhone 5 is now been available for customers to purchase. People have waited in line for hours, days, and for some even weeks to get their hands on Apple’s new product. I actually own a MacBook and an iPod, but I use an Android device for my phone, HTC Evo 3D to be exact. I hear so many people talk about how much they love their iPhones and why they’re better than Androids, so I decided to do some research on the new iPhone 5.


I decided to use the dimensions of product quality to judge the new iPhone 5. The primary product characteristics of the phone are its design, which comes in either an all white or all black body. The glass and aluminum on the phone also make the phone stand out and look very sleek. The phone is also 0.30 inches, which makes it the thinnest phone in the world, and the screen is 2.3 inches wide but it is now 0.5 inches taller. The downside on the new model is that will not fit any existing accessories, docks, or chargers because of its new connector. The features of the phone are what make the iPhone 5 the must have phone. Although it doesn’t have any new features, such as a Retina screen or Siri, but it has upgraded to a 4G LTE phone meaning that it will have a faster Internet connection in certain areas and it has a new processor that makes the phone run faster than its previous models. The phone, in terms of battery life, runs at eight hours of talk time and it has also added two more hours of Web browsing making it also 8 hours. The camera in the phone is also the best to ever be included in a phone and also putting the iPhone 4S camera to shame. In terms of service that just depends upon the phone carrier the user has. The iPhone has an incredible reputation and it is only getting better with each new phone release.


After reading through the article I can understand why many people claim that the iPhone is better than the Android devices. One thing that we also do have to take into consideration is that everyone has his or her own personal taste or check marks that need to be met for him or her in order to purchase a phone.


What are your needs and wants in a phone? If you do own an iPhone and it is the previous model would you purchase the new iPhone 5, if it is almost the as it’s previous model? And why do you love your iPhone?

6 thoughts on “The iPhone 5 Has Arrived.

  1. I own an iPhone 4 and I can say I love it and wouldn’t trade it for any other phone. I used to have a Blackberry, which I liked too, but I wouldn’t go back to it. On my phone, my needs include the ability to use it as an iPod, access to e-mails, and the fast internet service. Now, I have the iPhone 4 and seeing the 4S and 5 makes me curious as to what difference my needs would be. Although these are more popular, I am not the kind of person to have to update everything as soon as the update comes along. You won’t find me waiting anywhere to get a phone that serves the same purpose as the one I have now. I have seen a lot of people get worked up over the new iPhone, and quite frankly, I think people look ridiculous. I am content with the phone I have now and its service, so why pay money for something I already have and need?

  2. I love all Apple products. I am a firm believer that you should pay higher prices in order to get quality products. Apple has never seemed to amaze me when it comes to listening to their consumers wants and needs and designing a product to exactly do just that. I own a Apple Macbook Pro, IPhone 4, iPod nano, and IPad and have never had any problems with any of them. Each product has things that I need and things didn’t even know I wanted but now can’t live without. Apple creates products that are easy to navigate and allows you to customize your product to exactly your wants and needs and that is something that I love. I also love the fact that all my Apple products are able to sync with each other and I don’t have to worry about writing something down on one and it not getting transferred to the other. Their quality of service in their stores is also impeccable. Getting an appointment is easy and all their employees are so helping when it comes to fixing a technical problem you might have or answering any questions. Apples products are priced higher but this all inlines with you get what you pay for and paying a higher price to me is easy when you know you are getting a quality product from Apple.

  3. I just got my iPhone 5 this morning and it is awesome. I have always been a fan of apple since I got the phone a few years back. Not only is the phone an amazing product, I really the Apple brand and what it stands for. Personally, I feel like they can do good to the community. Like when they remodeled the clark/division stop when the new Apple store opened over there.

  4. I have used both android and iPhone, and I don’t think you can really go wrong with either. I thought the iPhone 4 was a lot less customizable than the android phones, but one notable difference in favor of the iPhone is the camera. I think the iPhone has always had the best cell phone camera. In general, I favor Apple products. I think they’re always sleek, easy to use, and they have excellent customer service, which is why I’ve decide to go back to the iPhone.

  5. I have owned many phones in the past and when it came to the iPhone it stood out with its features, applications, and friendly user access for many individuals. I believe it is a matter of a personal preference when people decide it is the iPhone, blackberry, or an android suits their needs. I believe some iPhone users would like to upgrade their phones to the new iPhone 5, but do they really know the difference between the new and old one? I watched a clip showing iPhone customers a fake new iPhone 5 but it was actually an iPhone 4. Which surprisingly did not notice it was the old one and still were impressed by the old one. So it could also be a matter of social status of saying i have the new IPhone 5.

    I personally like the new iPhone 5, and would consider buying one because i like to be updated with the new phones in the market.

  6. I used to own the iPhone 4 before and I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 and got it in the mail yesterday! I had an Android before so I know all the little differences both phones have. Personally I liked my Android so much more and regret ever switching to the iPhone, because I know i’m in too deep now. The iPhone in my opinion is overrated and a “must have” for people who want to look cool, which is probably why I still have it and can’t let go. The camera quality and GPS were so much better with my Android than the iPhone any day. It was also a lot faster with a better battery life. The iPhone 5 is a lot better compared to my 4 so I shouldn’t complain but it still doesn’t beat my Android. However Apple is very smart in attracting customers and keeping them hooked. The sleek new design, Siri, iMessage are some of the few cool features of it. It sounds stupid but I love iMessage and like talking to people more that have iMessage as well. At the end of the day, I think the iPhones are no way better than Android but nonetheless people will buy it more and talk about it more.

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