Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned in US

In case most of you have not heard, Apple is suing Samsung again and after the first trial Apple has won but Samsung is fighting for an appeal. Apple says that Samsung stole some of the software that is to be in the new phone. One of the biggest problems faced was Siri, Apple said that Samsung is using voice recognition something like Sir I but it not the same because Samsung is using the data base of Google to get the searches not wolfram alpha which is what Siri uses. Apple has also claimed that the new design and feel is the same as the apple iPhone which I think is a crazy claim because so many phones look alike as long as it is a tough screen. If you ask me the new design looks nothing like that iPhone design judge for yourself. 



Samsung Galaxy Nexus
There are some many things that every phone company uses that are similar and its apple that is making the claim in most cases. 

Do you think that Apple is getting scared of their competitors because they know other companies are on the rise as well, or do they have a legitimate claim against the other companies?


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  1. I don’t believe Apple is scared. I believe Apple is simply protecting its empire by filing lawsuits against their competitors. It’s part of their empire-building strategy. They must protect their technology at all costs. Apple is too powerful of a company to be afraid of its competitors.

  2. I don’t think that scared is the word to use in this case. I think they know that samsung is an equally as good of a company as they are, and they are all android powered. I may sound a bit far-fetched, but maybe its a competition tactic.

  3. Apple is simply trying to protect their investments. All the years and money put into research and development on these specifications of the iphone need to be protected. If apple believes that samsung stole their technology, they have to be assertive and file lawsuits against them. They need to show other companies that stealing their software would not be taken lightly. Apple is a multi-million dollar company, they did not get this far by allowing others to copy them.

  4. I believe Apple does have legitimate claims on other companies because they are using something that is patient to another company. Another reason why I say that the claims are legitimate is because no matter whom it is no ones there ideas stolen or used by another company. Especially when a company worked hard to create it.

  5. I think that Apple has a legitimate case. They are always on the forefront of technology and has created a lot of systems that all computers run on; even font types which were stolen by Microsoft. Therefore, I think that Apple is in the right to fight the case for their own technology so that they can maintain a high level of market share.

  6. I think Apple has legitimate claims when they really have the copy right. I understand all the companies would be mad if other companies use their idea or their technology. However, I think if every companies do the same thing as Apple does. It will limited the development or improvement of exist goods. Being a customer, I would like to have more choose. If other companies do better than Apple, I would like to buy the good from other companies instead of Apple. Here is the contradiction, if Apple keep doing this and win, there are no more people would improve the exist goods. If Apple let people copy their technology, Apple will lose a lot of money. In this case, I think Apple did it right because they product their benefits. On the other hand, they are limiting the creative from their people.

  7. So this is how Apple is making cash! By suing their competitors. Although, I might agree that Apple has a valid reason to sue Samsung for copying “Siri” project and coming up with their own app with a different name, However, I think it is a baseless argument that the designs or the feel of the new Nexus is almost the same. Both Samsung and Apple have their own target markets and the products are very different from each other. And the picture does not look anywhere close to Iphone.

    As Samsung’s sales and market share is increasing, I believe Apple is just trying to save themselves and being very cautious with their developments, designs and products.

  8. Apple is too big of a company to blow smoke over something like this if they don’t have a legitimate reason. It is very possible Samsung stole or copied some technology from Apple, and if this is the case then Apple should take action. This post didn’t give me enough information to really determine what is going on with the two companies.

  9. The fact that Apple and Samsung are suing each other is a very unique situation because Samsung is one of the largest suppliers of sub-components to Apple. Samsung supplies the main A5 processor used in the iPhone and iPad in additional to other components like memory. Given the intricacies of this relationship it is important that executives of both companies tread lightly since they are still both dependent on each other in the long run regardless of the outcome of these lawsuits.

  10. This is just apple being apple. I mean seriously how many times this year has Apple taken someone to court. I think its ridiculous and also not good for competition. Apple pretty much wants to create a monopoly where they control everything consumers can purchase. Any competitor who even has subtle touch of a component that Apple has in its devices will be sued. Jack up those prices some more and sue competitors whom are trying to create products which the average consumer can actually afford in this economy. I’ll be honest I hate the way they run their business but think they do produce top quality products.

  11. Apple as a company has resources to fight such cases while diverting attention of companies such as Samsung on court fights. Apart from that, even if Apple does not win the case, it has innovative products in the pipeline. So, either way it is a win-win for Apple.

  12. I am unsure if Apple has copy rights that prevent other companies from using there software for a certain amount of time, but as long as Samsung has proof that there software varies and is maid by a different company then what is there to argue about. The one thing I do know is that Apple products are usually maid in Asian countries where laws are less prevalent. I have heard that many companies including samsung must keep watchful eyes out for “moles” who sneak in cameras or steal information from such countries since it is a vary serious problems apparently

  13. I don’t really believe Samsung should have to pay all that money to Apple. I agree with you when you say that it’s crazy for Apple saying Samsung copied the iPhone design because there are so many phones that look alike and I don’t even think the two phones look similar. And like you said samsung’s siri feature doesn’t even use the same browser. I feel like Apple is just doing this to show how much power they have and to make Samsung look way worse than they deserve to.

  14. I believe there was reason for the suit to be brought against Samsung, and not only because Apple did inevitably win. If you look at the progress phone design has made over the past decade such as the first flip phones were all the rage until Apple’s IPhone brought in a new era of design. It was only a matter of time before other companies over stepped their legal boundaries in trying to replicate Apple’s success. Although I feel the external similarities are quite obvious, I do not believe I hold the knowledge necessary to argue a claim for either company regarding the claim of similar internal technology. Disclaimer: I am not in that particular field and have never used a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  15. I believe that apple tends to sue samsung is due to the high competition among its greatest competition seems logic in order to keep their competition in check. It wouldn’t be as fair to have a great company like samsung to “replicate” an idea apple presents within their technology to compete against its own idea which apple represented such as “Siri”. I just believe that apple have a certain degree to argue and win their cases against companies trying to replicate their ideas but what kind of competition would we have if such limitations were applied to other products in the market.

  16. Well i understand what you mean that it seems that phones today are becoming much more similar than they used to be, but i don’t believe that Apple is particularly scared. Samsung faces an issue in that it was a secondary mover into the market that Apple has thoroughly dominated for quite sometime. So of course any similarities are going to be viewed as infringements upon trademarks and copyrights which i believe are valid claims that need to be addressed as the main innovators in the phone industry Samsung needs to try and create their own innovations as they should expect this resistance as they intend to increase their control of market share. Innovation and the fact they were there first and have become recognized are Apples biggest strength and platform in these cases.

  17. I personally have had both Apple and Samsung and I do not think that they are the same. But on the other hand, Apple has so many features and bought out so many things that it is a little hard for Samsung (Android) to be able to keep up and compete without having similar features. The software in general is a little different so it really depends on the persons preference of the whole program, not the features.

  18. Apple is becoming scared of its growing competition, specifically, Samsung. I have been the owner of several iPhone models dating back to the original iPhone. However, I am now interested in purchasing the Samsung Galaxy SIII due to the change in my preferences; to explain, Samsung offers a bigger screen, better audio quality, and graphics. I believe that Samsung has done its marketing research and discovered that customers want more in a smart phone than Siri, a touch screen, faster speed and apps.

  19. I don’t think Apple is becoming scared. I feel that other companies such as Samsung are trying to copy features of the iPhone. Apple changed the way users viewed and interacted with touch screen phones. Apple came out with finger gestures and soon enough other phones had it to. Now the newest steal is “siri”. other phone companies are putting voice assistants on there phones and calling it something new such as “s-voice”. I think that Apple is just trying to make sure that there ideas stay there ideas and that no one copies them.

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