Intake of Lexapro Medication Linked to Birth Defects

Welllbutrin Lawyers Handling Birth Defects Cases


The effects of consistent and continuous intake of medications containing selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors, such as Lexapro, has been tested for various side-effects. Recent tests have shown a significant correlation between such medications and the number of  newborn children born with pulmonary hypertension for medicated patients.  While this these statistics do not pertain directly to seller’s risk or buyer’s risk of the manufacturing company of Lexapro and the intermediaries, which sell this medication directly to the public, these statistics do relate to the seller’s risk and buyer’s risk of the manufacturing company of Lexapro and the genreally medicated public, respectively.

Past a certain rate of occurrence, or once the correlation between the intake of medication containing selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors and any resulting birth defects similar in nature to pulmonary hypertension in children of prescribed patients have been proven to significant enough, the drug control agency of various governments will mostly likely restrict or ban the sale of Lexapro and similar medications.

In order to determine an acceptable rate of occurrence or statistical correlation, many of the same mathematical procedures demonstrated in our assigned readings will be utilized in the process of that determination. Buyer’s risk, seller’s risk, and statistical process control are all mathematical procedures likely to be utilized. Theories covered in our assigned reading, such as sustainability, will also be considered in the process of determination for the various drug control agencies and judicial systems likely to be involved in this case. Specifically the regulation and reputation components of the sustainbility theory will be considered, not only for the manufacturing company of Lexapro medication and the like, but also for the respective drug control agencies likely to be involved in this case. What is most important to note in my posting, in my opinion, would be that the theories and procedures described in our text and during our class sessions, do not only pertain to management operations considerations of specific companies, but they also pertain the considerations of various governmental agencies and individuals, which themselves often operate as a company and operations manager, respectively.

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