Where’d my McBites go d$$$it!

McDonalds is in my opinion one of the greatest, most advanced fast food establishments that continues to meet consumer needs and wants and continues to make enormous profit while doing so.  A few months ago McDonalds introduced a new product that they started to push called McBites. McBites were tiny little chicken bites that were in a creative packaging that allowed for sauces to be placed off to the side of the product.

The McBites were great, they were delicious and then they were GONE! McDonalds introduced this item as a sample/beta product and after a month or so they pulled the test and that was the last of the McBites. Every time I walked into a different McDonalds I would ask if they were available and I would always get the same answer “No”. I went through a struggle when I went up to order not having it together because I would always get the McBites. After some time when I was driving up to Michigan this past weekend and went through the drive-thru I see “McBites” and then view the entire menu and notice “Spicy” in front, they are back! McDonalds now is sampling the Spicy McBites. From the different sets of data they can then go in an analyze the sales and see if they can make profit of this product and they can make it become apart of the menu in towns where they saw the most sales.


Hopefully McDoanlds Corp. can find a place on its menu to keep the McBites for good in the near future! MCD!

9 thoughts on “Where’d my McBites go d$$$it!

  1. I’m a big fan of McDonalds new wrap product personally, the McBites never really hit the spot for me. Being based out of the Chicagoland I feel we see many more new product trials than much of than much of the nation. Where better for a company to test market than in their own backyard. McBites may not be gone however. From what I’ve read about certain McDonald’s products (looking at you McRib) have demand that tends to drop off after a certain amount of time but rebounds when reissued. In relation to the McRib specifically I’ve read that the reintroduction decision is usually spurned on by low pork prices so that the lower price as well as the short demand offer to driving factors for profits on the product. McBites may have been introduced simply as a new product or maybe chicken prices were exceptionally low so McDonalds wanted to drive clients into a product with higher margins so introduced something new to increase chicken consumption.

  2. I was in Michigan this weekend too and, of course, along the way we stopped at a McDonald’s or two and saw ads for McBites everywhere!!! I have not had the McBites, but I think they are a great invention by Mcdonalds, especially when keeping up with their competition. I think that companies need to be aware of whats going on outside their own corporations to stay on top of the current trends. I love that McDonald’s is coming out with even more healthier options as well. Has anyone tried the blueberry parfait??? It is SOOO GOOD! And they sell it all day so its a great option if you just need a quick snack.

  3. McDonald’s has a reputation for introducing test products into specific markets in order to see if there is any profit to be maid in that sector. For example when they where first marketing apple pies they tested pumpkin, cheery, banana cream ect… Now there trying to reestablish these past market failures with hopes that they will have a positive feedback along with various other products like the Mcbites

  4. Man… reading about these… “McBites”… is making me hungry. I’d also have to agree with Brendan- with such a large market (and McD’s superior hold over it) here in Chicago, it’s a perfect place to test new products, new looks, etc.

    I’ve not ever had a McRib before, but I’ve noticed the relatively quick rise and fall- either through friends or their media posts. It seems almost a frenzy for some of them when the McRib is back in town.

    Along with Mike’s comment, that McD’s testing products into specific markets, I’d love to know what the market profile was for the Bites? The advertising was towards young and hip- did it sell better in one area than another? If so, where and by what percentage comparatively… whatever. I’m sold- time to get myself some of that greasy deliciousness. If you’ll excuse me…

  5. I feel like a lot of fast food items are temporary. I have never personally had the mcbites but I used to get Burger Kings chicken fries (so bad but so good at the same time) and they took them off of there menu after a while. I guess it makes sense if the product isn’t selling well for them to take the item off of the menu. Its interesting that they would spend a lot of money advertising a new product especially if they know it will be temporary – especially something like the McRib which i feel like comes back and disappears frequently… not the most appetizing product in the first place but when mcdonalds brings it back it seems to make a lot of buzz. Im sure McDonald’s knows exactly what they are doing though by testing sample products in different markets.

  6. McDonald has to pretty proficient when it comes to introducing and testing a new product. It really does amaze me that they do limited runs of the McRib since people go insane for them. Then again, the McRib brings me back to high school cafeteria food. So maybe they build it up, take it out, bring it back, build up the hype some more, rinse and repeat the cycle. Seeing that they have different menus worldwide they have to be spending quite a penny on R&D. Their core menu however remains the same no matter the location and the taste is as well.

  7. Mcbites were one of my favorite items on the menu at McDonalds. I hope that McDonalds will be able to bring them back to the Chicago area. I believe that McDonalds will see great profit from selling these mcbites because they are an easy snack to get. You can have this item on the go and when you are in a rush and yet they are still filling. They are convenient for comsumers and at the same time they are REALLY good.

  8. McDonalds is doing a great job in constantly introducing customers with new item on the menu. This technique keeps the interest going in existing customers as well as attracting new ones. I am not a fan of fast food so I have not tasted this new item; however, I have seen an advertisement on TV. I think as a result of right advertisement the new item should succeed. I wish you that.

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