Project Management Improvements

We have discussed the importance of project management at great lengths in class. In order for a company to be successful, on all aspects, it is essential to have leadership come from a good project manager. The project manager will be the one dealing with all activities involving planning, scheduling, and controlling. As we have learned, their activities will include setting the company’s goals, handling work break-down schedules, and monitor resources, costs and quality, just to name a few. If their team needs pushing or encouragement, they project manager should be the person to step up. In other words, the project manager has to be at the top of their game; they have to be someone people can rely on.


I, as I’m sure many of you, have been in situations where I experienced poor project management. Tasks and workloads for each team member were unclear, which in the end lead to the job not getting done on time. Examples such as these, remind me how important the quality of good leadership is for project managers.


I read an article recently that discussed the necessity for business leaders within a company to attend a conference that will allow these individuals to pinpoint their weaknesses and strengths, and ultimately improve them. It was said that attendees will participate in activities and sessions that will examine the greatest challenges businesses face in today’s economy. Patrick Sweeney, president of Caliper Corporation, the company holding the event, stated, “The conference gives executives an ideal forum for discussing strategies that all companies need to align visionary leadership with corporate culture.” This event can ultimately provide business leaders with new ways to effectively guide and lead an organization.


As expected, some business leaders will find conferences, such as these, to be unnecessary. However, are all project managers performing at the level they should be? If required by businesses, these conferences could greatly reduce situations of poor project management.  So, do you think companies should require all business leaders to participate in events such as this one?

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  1. I strongly agree with the idea of having conferences for all managers/leaders to participate in. It is a great way to keep everyone on the same page, as well as offer tips and advice to better the project managers and their employees. At the financial institution I am employed at, our manager attends the conferences once a month. He reports back to the team about what they went over at the conferences, and in return it helps us with the products and services we offer the customers. There are many things that are discussed at these conferences, such as the goals that need to be accomplished, the new products that are being offered and of course tips on great customer service. These conferences can also be used as a great brainstorming tool.

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