Are Desktops the New age Dinosaurs?


Will the future generations get to use desktops or will it become history? Looking at the pace of how the technology is changing every day, it may be safe to say that the computer desktops may just become a history that our future generations might just learn or study about. Many larger companies like HP announced that they will stop making PC’s and pulling themselves out of hardware business. According to an article posted on BBC NEWS “HP is recognizing what the world has recognized, which is hardware in terms of consumers is not a huge growth business anymore,” said Michael Yoshikami, chief executive of YCMNET Advisors.

There use to be a time when every American household use to own a desktop. However, newer tech gadgets like laptops, smart phones and tablets are taking over the PC market. Many new companies are replacing their PCs with the laptops, so they don’t have to provide their employees with two different computers. This will not only reduce the cost, but it also helps lowering their inventory and maintenance cost. From the customer’s perspective, customers are looking for a product that is high in performance and smaller in size. Many teens and older generations are looking for a computer that is compatible and easy to travel with. Hence, they are replacing their Desktops by laptops and laptops by tablets. This brings me back to the concept of Product Life Cycle that we learned in class. Every product goes through as sequence of four different stages of product life cycle as follows; Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline.

Introduction is the stage where new products are introduced and customer awareness is created. Companies invest heavily in R&D to ensure they have a good product. Product design and development is very important in this stage.  Coming back to the concept of changing technology, I believe tablets are in the Introduction Stage of its product cycle. Companies are investing more money in design, development of these products.

Next stage of the Product Life Cycle is Growth. In this stage of the cycle, management focuses more on forecasting aspect of the product. Operations Management increase capacity, they increase their distribution and company focuses more on the product and its reliability. For example Laptops, they can be considered to be in the Growth stage. More and More customers are turning over to laptops. In order to save space at homes and to be able to get rid of huge towers in their house, many customers these days are replacing their towers with their laptops.

Next stage of the Product Life Cycle is Maturity. In this stage of the cycle, the product reaches its peak point and standardize. Competitive costs become critical in this stage. Industries tend to make fewer changes and increase stability of the product. For Example Net books, although net books were introduce way after laptops. The life cycle of net books was very small. Ipads and other tablets took over the market and net books grew to the maturity rate. Customers often prefer buying a tablet because it is smaller in size, and has all the functions that a net book has. Though the size of both the products are relatively same tablets however, are lighter in weight and has better graphics than net books.

Last stage of the Product Life Cycle is Decline. Companies make few or no product differentiation, the cost will be minimized and companies are often left with overcapacity in the industry. The sales starts going down and the customers decline the product. For example desktops; many people are replacing their huge tower that takes most of the space in the room with small and compatible laptops.  Many stores either stopped or reduced carrying any towers because of the decline in the market.

In conclusion, with the fast growing technology it comes to no surprise that companies will eventually stop making desktops. The concept of having a desktop may become history to the new and upcoming generations in the future.



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  1. Desktop’s are the technology of the old ages, the computers that are being developed and the ones are being sold these days are becoming a lot more lighter and portable. The computer is coming more and more easier to carry and so small and so light weight that you can barely tell that you have a computer in your backpack.

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