McDonalds: I’m NOT Lovin It

mcdonalds.jpg For the last few years I have lived in a condo and conveniently on the corner sits a McDonalds. Upon moving into my place I considered that a plus. It could be like my life saver: I could always find a cheap meal that is. What I soon found out was that this was possibly the worst McDonalds on the planet.

My issues are many but in this forum I will only list a few. Firstly the food is always cold or down right nasty. How is that possible? Beats me. Secondly the workers at the location have horrible customer service. I believe it was just the other day that I went in and the cashier asked me to wait because she was sending a text message. Crazy right? I know that McDonalds is not up scale or anything but that kind of activity is just bad for business. Lastly, –well at least for this post, is that they never have any condiments, especially the free ones.

Condiments at McDonalds include jelly for morning breakfast, ketchup for other meals and simple things like straws and napkins. For example the store (which is located on 55th Michigan Ave) opens its doors at 6 am. I for one am an early bird so I’m there, usually won’t get in until like 6:15 am or so but I just figure that they are making sure that every things ready for the day and I don’t complain about that.

I walk up to the counter, place my order and at the end i say, “may i have some grape jelly? The Cashier replies “we don’t have any”. I turn around observing that there is no one there but myself  and I think how is it possible that you’ve run out of condiments and I’m the first customer. Now I understand that things like this do occur but I have heard this from this location more than a few times. At first I would do things like call the hotline and make long complaints about the horrible service, food and lack of supplies but since enrolling in and learning about operations management I have come to the conclusion that this location has bigger issues than what meets the eye.

It seems to me that McDonalds needs a new Operations Manager. Apparently the person in charge at this current time is horrible at forecasting what the location needs to be successful or to at least give me what i need to go with my meal. I understand that sometimes restaurants run out of things. I work at a restaurant on the beach , we run out of Ketchup at least once a day but the difference is I have already forecasted that we will go through a set amount of Ketchup and by the time a customer brings it to my attention it takes all of two minutes for me to replenish  it from my inventory and keep my customers happy.

While condiments are free for the most part they contribute a lot to the completion of a meal and for this McDonalds to constantly have a problem providing just this small component of their daily operations is an issue. I believe that either somebody needs to be hired to fix these issues or some investigating needs to be done because some one is stealing all the condiments.

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  1. Its seems like McDonalds has hit a point in its life where the demand has exceed the supply. Although I personally do not eat there I am sure that it must be hard to estimate how much of every product is needed each and every day. I do agree with the fact that if a company wants to stay on the top of the “food chain” no pun intended, they must rethink there strategies from time to time and hiring an Operation Manger for more local chains just might be the way to go.

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