Etihad Airways modernizes approach to inventory management.

Amadeus, a global leader in technology for the travel and tourism industry, and Etihad Airways, the Abu Dhabi-based National Airline of the United Arab Emirates, announce that they have successfully implemented Amadeus Altéa Inventory for the airline. Adoption of the new generation IT solution strengthens Etihad Airways’ capacity to maximise revenue on every seat.


Ali Saleh, Head of Revenue Management, Etihad Airways, said: “Etihad has added 37 new destinations in as many months. When expanding so rapidly it is critical that we have the latest IT platform in place to support our commercial objectives. We have migrated our core systems without any interruptions and we could not have achieved this major milestone without Amadeus’ precision planning and excellent execution.”


Etihad Airways is using Amadeus Altéa Inventory to manage inventory control, schedule changes, passenger re-accommodation, special service requests and yield management functions. The airline’s improved decision making capabilities will allow it to increase yield and reduce its operational costs.

Frédéric Spagnou, Amadeus’ Vice President, Airline Business Group, commented: “Amadeus is committed to helping all airlines to implement their business strategy in the most efficient and flexible way and to manage their operations in a secure IT environment. We are very pleased with our partnership and joint effort with the Etihad team, which has enabled a very quick and fully controlled migration.”


The very smooth migration project, which took only 9 months from project kick-off to cutover, is part of a wider IT modernization program for Etihad which includes adoption of the Amadeus e-Ticket Server and interline e-ticket functionality, Departure Control System and the online booking engine to power the airline’s commercial website.


Etihad is one of 28 airlines across the globe that has selected Altea CMS, the industry’s only next generation IT platform for passenger management. Currently Altéa Reservation is used by over 150 airlines to power their sales and reservation functions and Altéa Inventory has been adopted by leading airlines including British Airways, Qantas and Finnair.


This is a very unique and value-adding system, can you think of any other systems within the airline business that will increase efficiency on the airline’s part and promote better customer service?

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  1. Extraordinarily alluring topic Yousif. Basically, integrating IT solutions for airline e-ticketing and reservations system helps them to operate more efficiently by managing sales, fares, flight schedules and all related inventory of the services. By adopting this centralized system, it will boost online marketing network as it can be accessed from any part of the world. Thus, saving money & time, convenience to customer, enhancing yield that will lead to a significantly increase in sales.

    Speaking about other systems that can be adopted by airlines to increase efficiency in operation, Emirates airlines recently teamed up with GE Aviation to implement new “FLOW Project” management system that will allow the airline to reduce fuel and delay costs. Also, this system will optimize Emirates’ traffic flows within the existing air traffic control system by giving them increased control over their arrivals and hub schedule, helping to significantly reduce costs of operation.

    More information about “FLOW Project” can be found here:

  2. It’s interesting to hear from you how IT solutions add value to the aviation companies.
    Great post Yousif, I think that Altea CMS system has been used for so many years and developed a lot to reach where it is now.

  3. Your post is extremely interesting because I am a frequent flyer, and I have always wondered about the types of IT systems that are utilized in the airline industry. I would like to point out, however, that an improved IT system is not enough to help improve an airline’s profitability. Although an improved IT system brings more value to an airline by reducing costs and increasing efficiency, there is still a huge gap between revenues and profits. Surely, airlines have huge jet fuel costs; however, most of their costs are a result of huge executive compensation packages. If airlines could reduce their executive compensation packages and combine that reduction with improved IT systems, they could dramatically improve their profitability.

  4. Despite of this great IT partnership between Etihad and Amadeus, there was a news that this airline will switch into a different system which is Sabre. Why will Etihad switch to Sabre if they have a very good partnership with Amadeus. Is it because of James Hogan, who is a former Head of Gulf Air, in which Sabre is the system that they are using. Maybe there is a political partnership between Mr. Hogan and Sabre?

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