Emirates Catering: A380


Every year two billion people take it to the sky and that is more the combined populations of China, USA and Russia. All have one thing in common (i.e. hunger for food), and the question in here is ‘how to deal with this hunger?”.

Emirates Flight Catering, is the world’s largest airline catering and provides catering and ancillary services to airlines that are operating at this busy regional hub. Astonishingly, the company provided 42.5 million meals in 2011. Currently, the daily average catering uplift is 118,000 meals to 340 flights.

It is based in Dubai International Airport. A perfect example would show how the company’s manage its operations. Whenever, a plane lands at the airport, and after unloading the passengers, in less than an hour the planes have to be cleaned, fully stocked and ready to fly. An amazing thing is the way the catering carts are bring moved from the largest kitchen in the world to the planes which shows
efficient and effective operations.

The steps of the journey are as follows:

Step One: the carts move in an electric power monorail system and they stretch in three floors where they get emptied, cleaned and ready in 25 minutes. The carts move in a spectacular way using these electrical systems. All are controlled in a central monitoring system. The carts move in here as we want, just the way of controlling objects in games where they are directed to different locations, either for storage, repair or reuse. All is done at the press of a button.

Step Two: the kitchen where all the types of meals are prepared every morning, serving all the needs of the passengers. Everything is prepared in hand by qualified chefs. After preparing the food, they are kept in giant fridges to be saved at the required safe temperature and it becomes ready to be assembled.

Step Three: take back all the carts after they are loaded with trays filled with food.

Question worth mentioning: is this best way to serve our customers? Is there any different way to do it?


Watch this amazing video and you will get to know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6vBo_uTGlY

9 thoughts on “Emirates Catering: A380

  1. This is the most common and traditional way in serving the customers drink their flight. With the advancement in technology i think it is even more convenient for customers to choose their meals 24 hrs prior while checking-in through the airline’s website. In this way the customer will get served with more fresher food and illuminates the excess food waste on the airlines side.

  2. I beleive IT could be used here to diffrentiate the airlines in terms of food from other competitors by offering a varity of meals , at the same time the customers choose their meals while booking their tickets. Moreover this technology and process will iliminate the risk of having wastes.

  3. I can relate this to why we are having the option of selecting the meal type when booking ticket online. By having this option online I think it’s going to manage the way the catering operates. It’s going to reduce cost as it will reduce waste since preferred meals are served to the passengers. Wonderful post & video I enjoy watching it sayed well done.

  4. I personally prefer to fly on Emirates most of the time, not just because of their food but also because of their flight services. Catering is not an easy service to perform many organizations that require huge catering services normally out source them; because of the complex details associated with food preparation specially when dealing with large number of people. From my point of view, depending on IT is essential nowadays; it will come across the barrier of different tastes or unavailability of a customer need and increase customer satisfaction; because he/she select his/her food.

  5. I agree with you that this is the most efficient way to serve passengers and meet their demands during flight. However, even with this cost-effective approach in in-flight catering, most of the times there is a surplus in meals provided which means wastes. The majority of airlines provide meals 10% more than actual demand. To illustrate this, if the total number of passengers in one flight is 160, the calculation will be 160 meals + 16 extra meals. The reason for this is to make sure that each and every passengers get their meals and for those who needs more than one meal to satisfy their hunger. Also, these extra meals could be provided for Last Minute Check-in (LMC) passengers, who aboard the aircraft after the actual demand is already calculated. Nevertheless, this is not wasteful as meals are fully consumed in most flights.

    1. i found this very amusing thanks for sharing this Sayed, this is probably the most efficient way that catering can be handled. however with the nature of the processes- I can’t help but wonder, do they apply SPC? i believe a corporation as large as Emirates Airlines will definitely benefit and possibly cut down on cost.

  6. WOW! I really enjoyed watching the video, in addition to the blog you provided. I find it intriguing how people are utilizing the “assembly line” in nearly every type of industry, even catering!

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