Team 1: Buddymazing

Brief Description of the Project

Team 1 worked with Best Buddies, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We helped the organization raise funds and awareness by hosting a bar night at Skores Sports Bar and Grill in Hardwood Heights. The team sold tickets for $50 and half of the proceeds were donated to Best Buddies. We were also able to obtain straight donations and a sponsorship from donors who were unable to attend the event. At our event, we raised additional funds by raffling in-kind donations we received from our sponsors. In addition to hosting a bar night, we also raised awareness by posting our event through our social media outlets. We worked closely with Kaitlyn Rose, Director of Development for Best Buddies Illinois. Ms. Rose provided the marketing materials for our event. She also made sure that a representative from Best Buddies was present at our event to help spread awareness to our family and friends.

  • Team Name: Buddymazing
  • Organization: Best Buddies of Illinois
  • Event: A Bar Fundraiser at Sports Bar & Grill in Hardwood Heights, IL
  • Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
  • Time: 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
  • Cost: $50 per person
    • Three-hour open bar with food
    • $25 – Bar Cost & $25 – Fundraising
  • Raffle Tickets:
    • $1 for one
    • $5 for six
    • $20 for a “Wingspan”

Brief Description of the Charity

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships and helps find employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

  • Best Buddies was founded in 1987
  • Works directly with people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD):
    • Down Syndrome
    • Autism
    • Fragile X Williams Syndrome
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • 109,033 Total Participants in 54 Countries
  • Dedicated to ending social, physical and economic isolation for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)
  • Works with people ages 12 years old to adulthood
  • Teach public speaking skills by building self-esteem and confidence
  • Three Program Pillars:

Factual Analysis of Success in Terms of Project Objectives

Buddymazing Fundraising Goal: $4,325.00

Buddymazing Actual Fundraising Total: $6,525.00

Buddymazing Exceeded Its Fundraising Goal by $2,200.00

34% Over Fundraising Goal!! 


Total Revenue:                                                                     $7,225.00

  • McCormick Foundation Sponsorship: $5,000.00
  • Ticket Sales / Personal Donations: $2,020.00
  • Online Donations: $205.00

Total Expenses:                                                                    $700.00

  • Venue: $25 per ticket – Total Venue Expense: $575.00
    • 23 Guest Attended
    • Included 3 Hours Open Bar & Food
  • Service Gratuity – Total Gratuity Expense: $125.00
    • 1 Server

Total Other Expenses & Donation Value:                           $426.00

  • Team T-shirts for $10 each – Total: $50.00
    • 5 Team Members
    • This expense was covered by each team member individually
  • Decorations & Supplies – Total: $61.00
    • Invitation & Ticket Printing: $35.00
    • Raffle Tickets: $8.00
    • Wristbands: $10.00
    • Balloons: $8.00
    • These expenses were covered by each team member individually
  • Raffle & Give Away Donations Value – Total: $315.00
    • Hush Salon Gift Certificate: $50.00
    • Blooming Lotus Spa Gift Certificate: $65.00
    • Cite Restaurant Gift Certificate: $50.00
    • Porretta Italian Restaurant: $100.00
    • Wine Basket: $50.00

Lessons Learned About Managing Projects

  • Communication is Key for a Successful Project
  • Focus on Either Raising Funds or Awareness
  • Prioritize Your Time
  • Balance Your Work/School/Life Schedule

Advice For Future Teams Doing Similar Projects

  • Start Early
  • Prioritize Your Time / Meet Deadlines
  • Be Organized
  • Stay Focused on the Ultimate Goal
  • Be Prepared For Last Minute Changes – Prepare
  • Have a back Up Plan Ready – Plan B, C, D…
  • Respect
  • Have Fun!

Photos Related to the Project

Team Buddymazing:

Event Invitation & Ticket:






Venue – Skores Sports Bar and Grill:

Best Buddies Information Table:


Just Having Fun and Being Buddymazing:









Team 1: LUCHA Benefit Concert

Brief description of the project

We held a ticketed benefit concert featuring Chicago artist, Michelle J. Rodriguez, at Stage 773, a small theatre venue in Chicago to raise both money and awareness for LUCHA. Michelle is a Latina artist who has a band, MICHA, which plays a mix wide range of original music (including jazz, Latin, R&B) and she has played several similar types of events in Chicago. We promoted the event via social media, the venue, and LUCHA. At the event we had a few people from LUCHA speak about the organization and we had a table with promotional materials including ways to get involved with the organization. We also set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise additional money (and awareness) for LUCHA, as well as a 50/50 raffle at the event that helped us raise more money.


Brief description of the charity

LUCHA, founded in 1982, is the Latin United Community Housing Association. They are a non-profit organization that advances housing as a human right by empowering communities – particularly the Latino and Spanish-speaking populations- through advocacy, education, affordable housing development and comprehensive housing services. Their main goals are to combat displacement and to preserve affordable housing in the community. LUCHA has helped more than 68,000 low-to-moderate income families with tasks such as rental assistance, rent and finding affordable housing, emergency repairs, and many others.


Factual analysis of success in terms of project objectives

Social Media Engagement:






Revenue Expenses
GoFundMe – $610 Venue – $300
50/50 Raffle – $180 Raffle Tickets – $10
Ticket Sales – $240 Artist (MICHA) – $200


Total Revenue Total Expenses
$1,030 $510


In total, we generated revenue of $1,030 and had expenses of $510. Thus, were able to generate $520 in profit!

Attendance: Our original goal for attendees was around 45 people. However, we fell short of our goal as we only had seven outside participants. This may have been due in part to our show being on a Monday or a lack of marketing from our stakeholders, but even with the low attendance we were still able to raise awareness and money.


Two or three lessons learned about managing projects

Be extremely thorough in your communication process. There are many stakeholders involved in these type of projects, so it’s very important to be as explicit as possible to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what’s going on. Selecting the appropriate communication channels for each stakeholder ought to be carefully considered based on varying schedules, preferred styles of communicated, and timeliness of response required.

Stay organized and prepared by creating WBS’s and Risk Management Plans. These will ensure that your group is ready to take on whatever tasks needed to complete the project, but will also make sure that your group is prepared for unforeseen circumstances that can affect the status of the project. Assigning accountability through these project management tools helps the project stay on track as well as ensure everyone is working together to complete various deliverables according to schedule.

Lastly, it’s important to understand that even with a risk management plan in place, it’s important for all group members to be flexible. This means that each group member is willingly able to adapt to any given situation that may arise and could change the logistics of the event. Communication is again a factor here, as well as a generalized positive and optimistic attitude to carry out unforeseen changes to plans to help the event run as smoothly as possible.


Advice for future teams doing similar projects

Our advice for future teams doing similar projects largely revolves around ensuring they are fully aware and adequately prepared to coordinate the large scope of responsibilities for a benefit concert or event of a similar scale. This event was far more challenging than initially anticipated given the variety of stakeholders as well as the short timeline we were operating under. Therefore, effective communication was key throughout our planning process. We want to highlight the importance of the “ABC Rule” (Always Be Communicating) with the team as well as updating external stakeholders on a regular basis. We found it very helpful to always be communicating whether it was through email correspondence or weekly meetings with our group.

Additionally, securing a venue for a concert on a short timeline with limited budget turned out to be more difficult than we originally anticipated. We therefore suggest doing this sooner rather than later in order to ensure you find the best venue, on the date you want and for a reasonable price. Remember, there will be communication barriers with the venue’s and they won’t always get back to you in a timely manner (if they even get back to you at all). Also, when it comes to the money to rent out a venue, thinking through payment is critical. In most cases, the group must put down a deposit up front to secure the venue spot, which creates a risk of losing money should the event turnout fail to generate enough attendance to cover these up-front costs. These are factors that need to be addressed in a project similar to this.

Also, we encountered some unforeseen challenges we ran into were permissions and coordinating the exchange of funds. If you’re planning on doing some sort of online fundraising (GoFundMe for example) make sure you know all the logistics about the process of getting the money in and out of the fundraising account. Due to the fact that we signed up as a “Charity” account instead of “Personal”, it made our process of withdrawing the money much more difficult and we needed assistance from LUCHA and PayPal.

Lastly, we would advise teams doing similar projects to have an effective marketing channel strategy. Despite low attendance at our event, we were able to raise awareness, which was our primary objective. We were able to do this through an effective marketing channel by using social media, local marketing and effective relationship marketing. All of these elements helped us raise awareness for our organization and allowed us to meet our main objective.


Photos related to the project





Team #6: Donda’s House Awareness Event

Project Overview

Launched in 2013 by Che “Rhymefest” Smith and Donnie Smith, Donda’s House, Inc. provides unprecedented access and education from leading experts in the music, fashion, and entertainment industry to Chicago’s creative youth and young adults. Donda’s House has direct access to accomplished professionals, artists and curators in the industry and leverages these connections to provide training, incentives and employment opportunities for the programs participants who are 14 – 24 years old.

Our project was a presentation pitched to a DePaul student organization, the DePaul Music Business Organization. Our goal was to spread awareness about Donda’s House as well as recruit some potential volunteers that would be able to assist Donda’s House in the future. In addition, we also suggested to the student organization that Donda’s House could potentially be a great partner that could bring together great local artists and people who are interested in breaking into the music industry.

Implementation plan 

Decide on an initial project plan

We worked with the client to draft an initial plan for a donor reception (fundraising event) which would be followed by a Chicago Blues Festival Finalist Audition. We shortlisted a venue based on client partnership, time, and other attractions during the event such as silent auction, raffle, and presentation.

Create a contingency plan

We created a risk plan for the donor reception event and brainstormed ideas for a target audience and presentation for an awareness event if initial project plan falls through.

Initial project not possible, employ contingency plan

Three weeks to the event, client informed that venue partner would be able to honor the commitment and we must look at alternatives. Since we had a contingency in place, we quickly started mapping out specifics of awareness event collaborating with the DePaul Music Business Organization.

Coordinate with student organization and create presentation

We reached out to DePaul Music Business Organization and locked on a date to present to all the members of the student organization. We then finalized talking points, presentation, video introduction and variety of volunteer opportunities to be discussed at the event along with snacks for the attendees.

Present to DePaul Music Business Organization at its bi-weekly meeting

Coordinated arrival of the student organization and project team members to the event location with snacks for the attendees. Delivered the presentation and followed it up with space on student organization newsletter to augment our in-person presentation.

Project Financials

We conducted an awareness event for a student organization so there were minimal costs involved in our event. As snacks for the attendees, the project management team made an in-kind donation (cookies) worth $10.

Objectives & Outcomes

Establish awareness of Donda’s House

Raised awareness by giving an overview of the organization at the DMBO event as well as through channels DMBO shared the event as well as the volunteer link.

Establish relationship between Donda’s House and DePaul Music Business Organization

Made the connection between the two to start getting DMBO members involved with volunteering.

Receive positive feedback from event attendees

Received attendee engagement and questions during the event.

Received a follow up email from the organization contact expressing members’ interest in getting involved.

Project Challenges

  • Our original plan of doing the donor reception for Donda’s House at the Virgin Hotels was pushed back to mid-June, two weeks after Final’s week for DePaul after supposedly being finalized. Our team’s response due to a lack of time was to create an awareness event partnering with a student organization from DePaul. We picked the DePaul Music Business Group thinking the organization was an excellent fit because Donda’s House has connections to top professionals in the music, fashion, and entertainment industry, contains local roots, and can provide excellent resume booster experience for undergraduate students.
  • After agreeing to speak at the meeting run by DePaul Music Business Group, our point-of-contact notified us the day before that nobody from their organization can go to speak at the event we were partnering up with due to scheduling an event of their own on the same day. We responded by quickly asking for the organization to send us a PowerPoint/video that we can prepare and present ourselves during the event.
  • On the hour of our event, there was a clash between pro-Trump and anti-Trump protestors right by Lincoln Park’s Student Center where our event was taking place. Public safety officials and law enforcement officers did not let anyone with a DePaul student ID into the building, so we responded by postponing the start of the meeting with the Group to allow extra time for attendees to come in.

Overall, the initial event had to be completely replaced and there was a lack of stakeholder engagement. There were a variety of curveballs that our group had to face and find immediate, effective solutions for. Our response was multiple brainstorming sessions to make our solutions more creative as well as constantly adjusting our risk management plan to potentially stop any future problems from happening.

Examples of Effective / Ineffective Project Management Activities


  • We could successfully come up with a backup plan under a tight time constraint after our initial proposal fell through.
  • Our team met weekly to discuss updates on the project and what we needed to complete that week. This helped keep everyone on our team in the loop and have clear goals and initiatives in place.
  • We were able to make a presentation conveying the ideals of Donda’s House and answer all of questions without a representative of the organization being there.
  • We planned different contingency plans in case our initial project fell through, which proved to be very helpful.


  • We had a communication discrepancy with the organization regarding the event space.
  • We didn’t include a venue issue in our contingency plan, since we thought it was secured.

Lessons Learned

Even if your risk management plan is thorough, unforeseen obstacles may arise. The one logistic detail we thought was certain and was a determining factor of our entire event ended up falling through. It’s the project manager’s responsibility to keep the team positive and to take initiative of brainstorming backup solutions if they weren’t already on the plan.

When making a decision that needs to be done quickly, don’t rush it so fast that you don’t think strategically about what the effects could be. If we wouldn’t have taken the time to find a student organization that wasn’t aligned with our nonprofit then it wouldn’t have been a good use of our time/a meaningful event. The time spent up front finding an organization ended up saving time overall.

Advice for Future Teams

  • Spend time researching and brainstorming to come up with multiple ideas as a team.
  • Create a substantial risk management plan including all possible risks, as you may need to use it.



Team 5: Raise a Glass to Raise a Roof

Project Description:

Team 5 held a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Chicago and Northwest Indiana (CNI). The fundraiser was a social event at Chicago Joe’s (located in Roscoe Village) the night of May 19th, where a split of the revenues went towards the organization and the remainder to the venue. We sold wristbands for $40 at the door.  Attendees had access to various drinks from 7pm-10pm. $20 was donated for every wristband sold. At the event, we had table tents and other materials talking about RMHC-CNI and ways to donate. In addition to the sales, we hosted a 50/50 raffle where the winner took home 50% of the total money collected and the other 50% went to RMHC-CNI. RMHC is a global organization that supports children and families by delivering programs and services in more than 63 countries and regions. We focused on the Chicago & Northwest Indiana (CNI) chapter. The mission of RMHC-CNI is to care for families of children with complex medical needs by providing comfort, compassion and a sense of community. RMHC-CNI keeps families of hospitalized children together in a ‘home away from home’. They have 5 local houses in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area, 3 local Family Rooms, sponsor a scholarship program, and Care Mobile.

Charity Description:

RMHC is a global organization that supports children and families by delivering programs and services in more than 63 countries and regions. Our team focused on the Chicago & Northwest Indiana (CNI) chapter. Their mission is caring for families of children with complex medical needs by providing comfort, compassion and a sense of community. RMHC-CHI keeps families of hospitalized children together in a “home away from home”. They have 5 local houses in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area, 3 local Family Rooms, sponsor a scholarship program, and Care Mobile.

Factual Analysis:

Our goal was to raise awareness and funds for RMHC-CNI. We did marketing on Facebook inviting all of our friends and family members. We also posted our event on various student organizations’ Facebook pages, so more people would get to know our charity and help us for fundraising. The larger reach, the better probability. We expected $200 in donations through our dedicated site outside of the event. The team knew not everyone would be able to come or wants to come to the event. We wanted to have a way for them to contribute outside of the event. We also planned a 50/50 raffle. Our goal was the sale of 20 raffle tickets at $5 per person for an eventual revenue of $50 after the payout to the winner. We intended to reach our minimum attendees (36 x $10 = $360) and get our minimum goal donations outside of the event ($200). In addition to the 50/50 raffle, we would reach our overall goal of $530. After the event, we received more onsite donation than online donation compared with what we expected. The final amount donated to RMHC-CNI was $566.

Lessons Learned:

  • Do your research
    • Locations
    • Alternative opportunities
  • Pick a strong team
    • You do not know it all
    • Be resourceful to be successful
  • Never rely on weather
    • Especially in Chicago

5) Advice for future teams:

  • Take control of Project Scope – When our team edited our event proposal, we wanted to ensure that what we added was necessary and helpful for the event. We tried to avoid adding irrelevant items that could miss critical deadlines.
  • Use applicable programs for communication – Our group used WhatsApp as a quick and convenient tool for group chat because it would be easier for all group members to go over 30 messages than 30 emails. We also used Google drive to share all documents and photos for our project. Our team tried Trello, which is a great project management application. However, we preferred to use WhatsApp and Google Drive. Choosing applications or programs that fit the team will be helpful for the project.
  • Set a deadline for each task – There were many small tasks in the implementation plan, so deadlines can keep us on track of the progress of all tasks. If one of us miss the deadline, our project cannot keep going without those small steps. We marked “To Do” and “Done” next to our tasks as the status so we can keep our project moving forward in a limited time.
  • Keep in agreement on a common goal – Each team member comes from different backgrounds and has different ways of doing things. We had various ideas about charities when we started the project. Rational persuasion was helpful for us while we made decisions and agreements. Alignment of all our ideas was important for us as a team.
  • Plan well on risk management – It is important for the team to have a well-planned risk management because there are many unpredictable conditions, such as weather. Our selected venue has both indoor and outdoor areas for the event. Our team anticipated raining on the day of our event, but we did not expect it to be held on the coldest day of May. Risk management plan can make the team confident and calm if an unexpected situation happens.

6) Project Photos:

Team Members:

Members of Group 5, from left to right, Alex Berestenko, Mark Bechtold, Kate Andorka, Yuting Wei, Ziyan Yin, Ivan Espinosa.

RMHC-CNI Website:


Event Photos:


Global Leaders HIIT Chicago @ Barry’s Bootcamp

Vince, Laura, Shea & Joe


Project Description

The Blue Demon Consulting Group (BDC) hosted a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout class at Barry’s Bootcamp to raise awareness and funds for the Global Leader’s Program (GLP) at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). The event was held on June 3, 2017 at 2:15pm at the River North location.  In addition to the workout class, we accepted donations through Eventbrite and hosted a raffle after the class.

Charity Description

The Global Leaders Program @ the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) is a Chicago based free two-year program for high school juniors and seniors.  The GLP introduces them to the STEM fields, develops leadership skills, and helps them work on getting into college.

Analysis of Success

  • Goal: Revenue of $1,500 through ticket sales, donations, and the raffle
    • Outcome:
  • Goal: Fill 50 spots at Barry’s Bootcamp
    • Outcome: We sold 36 tickets to the class. 31 of these attendees came the day of the event.

Lessons Learned

  • Anticipate obstacles and develop alternative courses of actions
  • Adjust plan and exploit new developments – in our case it was the high level of donations
  • Identify team members strengths to optimize results
  • Communicate, be flexible, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Beware of conflicts of interest. One of our teammates has a contact at Muscle Milk that we were hoping to use to have a Muscle Milk surprise for everyone after class.  We quickly learned that we would not be able to have them come because Barry’s Bootcamp has their own Fuel Bar that would make it a conflict of interest.

Pace Yourself.  Throughout the project AND the workout class!  We made sure not to promote too early to lose interest to people since our event was at the end of our 10 week class.

Have fun!  Our team was positive and encouraging throughout the whole quarter and we think that this was a key to our success!


TLP Happy Hour Fundraising Event

Team 2: Sarah (PM), Tazarf, Peggy, Rawand, Jen, and Steven

Description of Project:

What: Team 2 hosted a Happy Hour Fundraising Event that offered attendees unlimited drinks and pizza. We included a 50/50 raffle and a “pass-the-hat” for extra donation throughout the event.

Where: Glascotts Saloon, 2158 N. Halsted Street Chicago, IL

When: Tuesday May 16, 2017 6-8pm

Our team partnered with Team Living Programs (TLP) to raise awareness of homeless youth and the importance of building a community, hope and opportunity for youth that are homeless. We chose to host our event at Glascott’s Salon in Chicago. The venue donated 50% of all ticket sales for our event and provided the venue space at no cost, which also supported the charity. Our team and all our guests were present at the venue on Tuesday May 16, 2017 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm to support TLP and provide insight and information regarding the charity. A board member from the charity was also present at our event to provide assistance and outreach regarding TLP and to educate our guests on homeless youth in Chicago.

Flyer used to market the event

We sold tickets for wristbands at the cost of $40.00; the wristbands included unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and pizza for a period of 2 hours. We also offered a 50/50 raffle ticket sale at $5 for 1 ticket, $10 for 3 tickets and $20 for 7 tickets where the winner would receive half of the raffle money and our charity would receive half of the raffle money. The winner of the raffle decided to donate all her winnings to the charity. Our team utilized online networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as word of mouth and we all sent personal email blasts to family and friends regarding TLP and an invite to our event. Glascotts Salon, our venue, advertised our event at no cost by posting our event invite on their Facebook page, Instagram, and provided a Twitter blast. We also setup an online donation page via EventBrite to capture funds from people that could not attend our event but wished to make a donation to the charity.

Description of the charity

Banner used on Facebook Fundraising Page

We chose to support homeless teams via the Teen Living Program (TLP): “Teen Living Program builds community, hope and opportunity for youth who are homeless. We address their immediate needs and help them achieve independence and stable housing.”

We chose TLP because it’s a local not-for-profit that we all believe has reputable, and important mission to end youth homelessness in Chicago and to build community, hope and opportunity for such youth. Our team also chose to partner with TLP because of existing contacts with the charity. Sarah Pinter, our Project Manager, has personally volunteered and attended various TLP charity events throughout the last few years. Sarah also has various points of contact on the charity’s board that we were able to utilize to ensure our event was successful. Sarah’s existing relationship with TLP definitely facilitated effective communication with the TLP and provided resources for our event. TLP also uses <3% of its profits towards covering overhead expenses which attracted our team to support this charity.

Factual Analysis of Success:


  • Goal: $2,000
  • Result: $1,200

Raise Awareness

  • Goal: 50 event attendees, event invitation circulation to over 100 people
  • Result: 20 event attendees, over 100 people invited

Challenges faced:

There were a few challenges with respect to our project:

  • The limited time period we had to plan, market and execute the event. We essentially had about 6 weeks to plan, market and execute the event. Due to our individual schedules, our team was forced to host the event in mid May 2017. Accordingly, we essentially had about 6 weeks to plan, market and execute the event. Despite this challenge, we feel as though we did a good job creating awareness about the charity and we definitely had a ton of fun. However, the funds generated from our event and further requests for donations after we hosted our event did not meet our planned goal.
  • Ski-Ball League during fundraising event – Team Response: Used this to our advantage to sell 50/50 raffle tickets, helped fill up the bar space with lower attendance than anticipated
  • Lack of Attendance – Team Response: Pushed for donations post event for those that could not attend
  • Higher Ticket Costs at the Door – Team Response: Made last minute decision to drop price to $40 to increase marketability to last minute attendees

Lessons Learned About Project Management:

Our team walked away with the following 2 critical lessons learned:

  • Importance of Effective Communication– During the course of project, it became very clear that effective communication is the key to a successful project. As a team, we had great communication. Sarah, our Project Manager was very organized, created timelines, utilized several tools such as Trello and What’s App, held in person meetings on weeknights and before class, and was always responsive and available to ensure our project was moving along. We found that the more collaborative we were together as a team, the more successful we were as a team. We also learned that over communicating is not the answer, communicating well is the answer.
  • Importance of a Time Management Plan – We learned that having a time management plan is critical. We learned to track the progress leading up to the event to avoid last minute “sprints”. We learned the importance of analyzing the project’s critical path – where the project could be delayed or set off track. We learned that we should have been more strategic of timelines and budgets and paid more attention to our project scope, time, cost and where we should be via our deadlines and project objectives.

Advice for Future Teams:

In addition to the above lessons learned, we make the following suggestions to future teams holding a similar event:

  • Choose a charity everyone wants to support and where a team member has a connection
  • We think future teams should definitely chose a charity that a member of the team has a connection to and has been involved with in the past. This allows for additional support from the charity. TLP provided a lot of feedback and support that was very resourceful and that facilitated a solid execution of our event. We had access to their board members, marketing materials, logos, social media channels, and the board president attended and was a resource at our event.
  • Choose a Supportive Venue.
  • The venue we chose to host our event supported our charity via donations, providing a free event space and providing free advertising for our event.  We found this to be extremely helpful!


Few images from the event


Chicago HOPES for Kids – Fundraiser and Book Drive

George, Nathan, Nicole and Kate


Project Description

Main Event

This event took place at Barcocina in Lakeview where attendees paid an entrance fee that allowed them unlimited beer, wine, and appetizers for three hours. A portion of ticket prices went to the venue and the remainder went to Chicago HOPES for Kids. There was silent auction at the event in which participants had a chance to win Blackhawks/Cubs memorabilia. We also collected book donations at the event that were donated to our charity.

Book Drive

Chicago HOPES for Kids utilized collections of books to help children living in homeless shelters advance their literacy skills. We coordinated a book drive through the Elmhurst Public Library to add to these collections. This was done by raising awareness of the book drive in the community and setting up a donation bin in the library entrance.

Online Fundraising

Our team set up an online donation page through GoFundMe to diversify our revenue streams in addition to what was raised at the main event. This was an easy way for friends, family, and others interested in supporting the cause to donate even if they were unable to attend the main event.


Charity Description

Chicago HOPES for Kids provides educational support for children living in Chicago’s homeless shelters. It is their mission to provide their students with the resources and encouragement needed to succeed academically, despite the challenges of homelessness. HOPES runs an after-school program where they help children complete their homework, improve their literacy skills, and participate in enrichment activities. We reached out to HOPES to gain approval for our event and obtained support resources such as signage and marketing materials prior to the event.

  • Website:
  • Office Address: 641 W Lake St. (West Loop)
  • Main Contact:


Measures of Success

Our group put together a fundraiser/book drive for HOPES. Our initial measures of success and the final project figures were as follows:

  • Book drive collects a minimum of 100 books – 765 collected
  • Main event raises $1,000 – $2,000 – $775 raised
  • Main event has a minimum of 50 attendees – 51 attendees
  • Raise at least $200 from silent auction – $360 raised
  • Fundraising page raises minimum of $500 – $828 raised

At the conclusion of the project, we determined that our book drive, financial, and attendance goals were met. The book drive collected far more books than we had anticipated. Our initial goal of 100 books proved to be far too low in comparison to the final tally of 765 books. The only individual goal that was missed, was the goal for dollars raised at our event excluding the silent auction. This shortfall was made up for by the larger than expected funds raised during the silent auction and through the online donation page.


Lessons Learned & Advice

We faced numerous challenges during the book drive. One of these challenges was scope creep. Other libraries expressed interest in hosting book drives in other towns. Working with these libraries would have made our logistical challenges more complex and possibly taken away from our ability to complete the current project at hand. An additional challenge for the book drive was that some books were donated that were above an eighth grade reading level. These books were not able to be used in the after school program.

Additional challenges presented themselves during the Barcocina fundraising event. We initially had low levels of interest in donating and buying tickets. Luckily, interest picked up significantly during the couple of days before the event and 51 people ended up attending. We realized during the event that we did not have a good plan for transporting books that were donated. The number of books that were donated at the event itself turned out to be small enough that transportation was not a problem. Lastly, we put more effort than anticipated into encouraging silent auction bids in order to get substantial donations.

We would advise future students to spend as much time as possible going through the potential issues that may arise during their project. People tend to want to wait until the last minute to complete tasks and this can be a game changer if someone doesn’t come through as expected. We were lucky that the challenges posed to our event did not significantly alter the outcome.

In the end we finished up with a successful project and a very happy charity. Chicago HOPES for Kids made sure to give us a mention on their Facebook page, and thanked us in person when we went to deliver the books. We are thankful to have worked with an organization with such an important mission and are proud of the work we did this quarter.



Team 4: Chicken Nuggets Card Game

The Chicken Nuggets Card Game

Product for Ayadi Relief by Team 4


Executive Summary

In only 10 days, a trendy game was designed and produced by team 4. As part of the Project Management course, the team has selected a project to produce a product for Ayadi Relief Organization as a fund-raising project. The team has managed to experience the role of project management and its tools to carry on the project and deliver an amazing product in only 10 days from the inception till the rolling of the product. The product is a family card game which its objective is to link between the heritage of GCC countries and their modern culture which has been influenced by the foreign cultures. The game takes the players into different eras by introducing the slang words and characteristics of each era. The game is named in Khaleeji dialect (slang) and inspired by its content and culture.

The number of games sold in the launching event was above the team expectation and the team was able to cover its cost and start generating profit. The income of the game will be donated 100% to the charity organization.

The project has faced challenges during the implementation, however with a great management and controls, the project was success, and achieved its goal.

At the end of the project the team has achieved all its goals, and had an amazing time and fun during the implementation of the project and the event. Only within a day the team manage to raise a total revenue of BD 1,870.393 from selling the game and donation, and after paying all the expenses it ends up with a profit of BD 893.493. The organization managed to continue selling the product and obtained additional BD 500 by the end of the course to reach a total profit of BD 1,393.493 which is equivalent to $3,691.



The project will be managed and implemented by team 4, the stakeholders of the project are as followed:

       Project Manager: Hessa Hussain from Team 4

       Game Designer and Developer: Team 4 members

       Procurement & Supply Coordinator:  Bassel Al Dawoud

       Event Coordinator: Mohammed Abdeen

       Product Quality Assurance: Hanan Bedaiwi and Fatima Haidery

       Account & Finance Coordinator: Hanan Bedaiwi

       Customer/Client: Ayadi Relief Organization

       Target Users: Khaleeji Teens and Adults

       Contributors: Volunteer designers

       Production: Printing Press

       Sponsor: Prof. Lori Cook, DePaul University, BIBF

Organization Overview

Ayadi Relief

Ayadi Relief is a Bahraini relief youth-led organization, passing for giving. Their aim is to provide relief to poverty stricken countries and help with their education and social needs.


Noora Ali, Vice Chairman, Projects Director

Nisreen AlMaowdah, Board Member, Event Director

Faten Muttar, Ayadi Shop Director

Budoor Kamal, Ayadi Shop

Tel. +973 3668997

 Project Idea

After our visit to Ayadi Relief event which was held on 3rd and 4th March 2017, we observed that Ayadi Relief organization has implemented a good initiative of having a sustainable income to cover their admin charges, specially that all their funds raised from their events goes 100% to charity projects unlike other organizations. However, they lack of creative and diversity products in their shop. We observed that they had only two products that were sold, and that was not enough to sustain their income. Therefore, the idea of the project is to support their initiative by creating and producing a new product to be sold in their shop. A customized board/card game was a creative suggestion to be developed for Ayadi Shop.

Measures of Success

Measure of Success Achievement
Design and develop a finished product to be sold in Ayadi Shop. Designed a trendy card game. A creative product for Ayadi Shop.
The product shall be delivered to Ayadi Relief organization by 18th March 2017. The product has been completed on 16th March 2017, and was able to be sold on the event on 18th March 2017.
Produce at least 60 units for the launch event. Produced total of 300 units, which more than 100 was sold on the launch event.
Generate revenue of BHD 600 ($1,590) at the event. Generated revenue of BHD 1,870 ($4,953) at the event.


Lessons Learned

The project success was due to a coherent team. We managed to understand each other’s skills, talent and passion. Understanding the project goal and scope by all team members made our results in line with the organization’s vision. As a team, we exercised several methods of communication between us, face-to-face meetings every other day, daily progress report via emails and text messaging, and conference calls whenever is required.

The most important lessons learned is that you should be passionate about what you are doing, and love what you work on, enjoy every moment and have fun; this was truly what empower us to deliver.

During the project, we came across several challenges, it would have been easier if we tackle them at very early stage such as:

       Communicate with the printing press at very early stage, upon agreement of the project idea, in order find a sponsorship or at least cover the printing cost, to avoid having limitation of the budget, which ends up with funded by the team.

       Quality control should be carried out before at least two days prior to the event, to avoid waiting till the last minute to correct any default or defects. That would make the team feeling comfortable at the time of the event and make sure we provide a product with a quality standards.

       The design of the product took more time than what we have forecasted, that affected the target of all other milestones. Dealing with competent designer and agree ahead time through face to face interaction would have met the schedule of the design phase.

       Time of the event was short, we have received several feedbacks from visitors to extend to three hours instead of two, however, we couldn’t change the plan as scheduled ahead and discuss that matter of the Riyadat mall.

       Lastly, Riyadat mall was a hot spot and we managed to have quite number of visitors on the event. It would be better if we could explore more hotspots so we can select a better accessible one in order attract more visitors.

Advice for Future Teams

Based on the above lesson learned, we would suggest team having a challenging project deliverables and limited time, to keep working on the project on daily basis and stick to the timeline of each milestone to avoid any last-minute hassles. Moreover, any project with multiple and complicated stakeholders should have at least a meeting every other day to monitor the progress and check contingences.

Developing a product for charity fundraising required a solid sponsors and financers which a key element to go smoothly with project, conducting several meetings with the potentials sponsors would make the team focus more on the product quality and event arrangements more than financing and supply management since budget was so limited.

Marketing was a key element on the success of the project, we use all type of marketing starting with brochures, papers, make demos on the game and social network as much as we can to attract more visitors to the event. We have applied the idea of pre-order concept so that we take customer voice on our side as well. Marketing is one of the key success factors that helped us to achieve the KPIs of our project.

We would suggest evaluating the progress of the project results on daily basis in to measure the need of plan B and C and keep ready in case of any critical situation arises at certain time to start implantation immediately.

Be passionate for giving, love what you do, be proud, and enjoy your time.



Team Members:

Hessa Hussain

Bassel Al Dawoud

Hanan Bedaiwi

Mohammed Abdeen

Fatima Haidery


Behind the Chicken Nuggets Game – Movie:


Hope Forum


Team 8: Mohammed Al Jowder, Kamal Kamal, Humood Jassim, Marwan AlZori, Ahmed Siddiqi, and Abdullah Baaqeel

Executive Summary

As part of DePaul’s MBA program, held at Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance, each student need to participate as part of Project Team to held an event, it could be charity, service, etc… in this regard Group # 8, comprising of 6 members, gone through projects held by earlier batches of the same course. Result of idea brain storming session, was to come-up with something unique, never happened in Bahrain   Held Cancer Awareness Program and Discussion Forum, at Princess Al Jawhara Centre for Molecular Medicine & Inherited Disorders, with support of local societies participating for the same cause, correctness of cancer miss-concepts and importance of family’s moral support and provide awareness to society of cancer disease in general, as well as Success Stories of patients who survived, with their continuous hi spirit. Keeping in mind that this event will be pioneer as discussion forum for cancer survivors.

Event held on 18th March 2017, planning and execution time horizon was less than 2 weeks, aiming correctness of cancer miss-concepts and importance of family’s moral support and provides awareness to society of cancer disease in general, Success Stories of patients who survived, with their continuous hi spirit. Event was attended by new cancer patients who took advantage of asking sparkers about their advices to overcome this disease as well as other survivors who were recognized during this event. It was pioneer as discussion forum for cancer survivors in the future as well

Project Proposal

i.Background: Purpose of holding this session was to spread Cancer Awareness and sharing Success Stories of Survivors, aiming to bring maximum number of affected people, both patients and family members, under ONE roof, to share their experience and how they managed to live again, with their willingness and well power.


  • Covey the message using Social Media, TV Coverage, Radio, YouTube, etc..
  • Amplify Awareness
  • Raise Hope, to fight the disease
  • Affected person shouldn’t be felt isolated from the society
  • Moral Support by family members
  • Right approach for complete cure

iii. Time-frame: within 2 weeks to held the event from the acceptance of the proposal

       iv.Key stakeholders:

  • DePaul University / Project Management Professor
  • BIBF
  • MBA-13, Group 8 members
  • Sponsors
  • Attendees
  • Social Media / Promoters

Implementation Plan

Project Management Institute (PMI) Methodology adopted while executing this projects, covering ALL processes groups, summarized as below:-

a. Initiation: Project Charter, with core team formation will be formalized

b. Planning: Detailed Plan, covering all major milestone, with clearly identified Critical Path, budgeting, resources allocation

i. Level 1 Schedule as below:

  1. Kick-off date
  2. Baseline Schedule reviewed and agreed with all stakeholders
  3. Finalizing agreement with sponsors
  4. Location identified
  5. Invitation sent to all participants
  6. Forum and Awareness Campaign startedForum Conclusion / Close-out

c. Executing: Project Team executed actions listed in the master plan

d. Monitoring and Controlling: Close monitoring of all activities along with progress reporting, to avoid any slippage

e.Closing: Upon completion, project closed formally, after full-filling all requirements identified at initiation and planning phase.

High-level Work-Break down Structure (WBS)


Risk Management Plan

Risk management plan, prepared at early planning stage, listing and identifying all possible risks / opportunities the project might face during execution, summarized as below in Risk Breakdown Structure and Risk Assessment Matrix

Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS)


Risk Identification and Response Plan

Risk Assessment Matrix

Project Team Presentation

Presentation was made on 21st March 2017 at BIBF, summarizing all activities performed through the project life cycle, from Initiation to close-out

Media Coverage

Bahrain News Agency Coverage


Social-Media Coverage

Photos of the event

Speakers on Stage, with their success stories

Glimpse at Attendees


Feedback and Surveys Summary

Project Financials

Budget (Revenue & Cost): Field Project is an awareness session, not intending to generate any revenue, however cost summary as below:

Rental Fee of the avenue                                BHD 300

Rent of Sound System                                    BHD 100

Premium Gifts/Shields                                     BHD 300  

         Total Cost                                              BHD 700

Above cost covered by the sponsors:

  1. Saudi Plastic Hoses Company (Based in Saudi Arabia)
  2. Kuwait Finance House (Based in Bahrain)

Besides the above, 4 sets of Smart Phones were given by VIVA -Bahrain , (approx. BHD 1,000)

Project success Indicators

Major Key Performance Indicators identified for Success measurement, listed as below:

  • Number of Audience: Targeted number of attendees is around 200, which was the main reason for choosing the current venue. The actual number of attendees exceeded 250.
  • Sponsorship: Efforts exerted to maximize the support for companies, which will eventually help in reaching maximum people, and increase number of attendees as well, targeted sponsorship amount is BHD 1000, and actual sponsorship exceeded BD 1,700.
  • TV/Radio Coverage: Event announcement and coverage through national TV or Radio.
  • Feedback:Hope” is the name of our event; feedback collected through survey.

Take-home lessons

  • If it’s not written down, it does not exist
  • ‘No News’ is not necessarily good news
  • Warning: dates in the schedule are closer than you think
  • If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail
  • A project becomes one year late, one day at a time




Team 3 – MS Awareness

Team 3:

Reem Al Buflasa, Mohamed Yusuf, Mohammed Abulfateh, Narjis Al Qattan,  Walaa Bushakhar & Zainab Marzooq

  • Brief description of the project

The project aims to spread public awareness about Multiple sclerosis (MS) disease. MS disease affects the brain and spinal cord and it usually targets patient in the age range between 20 and 40 but there are reported cases of children with MS. Unfortunately, the cause of MS is still unknown and there is unknown cure for it. MS’s most common symptoms are loss of sensitivity, muscle weakness, blurred vision, and difficulties in movement and balance.

  • Brief description of the charity            

The main event of the project was to invite the public to attend a session in which they can interact with MS patients and it was planned to be conducted within the National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. MS patients were invited to the stage to narrate their personal stories and spread awareness about the disease, their needs, and society’s responsibility toward MS patients. We organized the event and ensured participation of Bahrain MS Patients Society and they invited patients from different nationalities and backgrounds to participate as main speakers.

Our main contact was Mahmood Al-Belushi and we contacted him directly on his mobile. Below are contact details of Bahrain MS Patients Society:






























Besides the main event, other approaches were used to meet our goals and aims:

  • Showing a 2 minutes’ video about the MS disease in Bahrain Cinema during the peak hours (weekend).
  • The cinema has preliminary agreed to show the video for one full day with a minimum cost.
  • Video Interview with a Neurologist.

Awareness Video at Bahrain City Centre’s Cinema









Video Interview with a Neurologist













An interview about multiple sclerosis

An interview with Dr. Farzana AlSayed, Clinical Neurophysiology & Movement Disorders, to discuss MS.

Factual analysis of success in terms of project objectives

Cinema Attendees







Number of viewers 1,980

Event attendees 

Target  – 50 attendees

Actual – 45 attendees

Social Media

Targeted 250 followers per channel











Lesson learnt from managing the project

Proper Planning is essential. During idea proposal time the team may get excited and propose addition of many activities to the project to have a bigger project. Planning of the activities using the techniques learnt for project management like WBS, time management, and resources planning are critical as these techniques will make the picture clearer of how big is the project. These techniques will help the team define the scope properly of the project and prevent them from the temptation to go beyond available capacity.

  • Stick to the Plan. Once the plan is made the team should stick to the plan and monitor the progress always by comparing it to the plan. Time loss cannot be recovered and hence the members should always aim to complete the tasks before the planned time to accommodate any possible failure.
  • Effective Communication is THE KEY. It is important to have effective communication between all the team members to delegate responsibilities among the team. The project manager does play a critical role in setting the communication plan but it is the responsibility of the all the team to communicate as per the plan.

Advice for future teams doing similar projects

  • Effective risk management strategies allow you to identify your project’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By planning for unexpected events, you can be ready to respond if they arise. To ensure your project’s success, define how you will handle potential risks so you can identify, mitigate or avoid problems when arise.
  • A well thought out and detailed project plan will prove to be extremely vital, it can be used to measure and justify the level of effort required to complete the project, Typical requirements might include:
  • Overview information on how long tasks will take to complete, Early warning of any risks to the project, Information on workload, for planning holidays, Evidence, Historical information on how projects have progressed, and in particular, how actual and planned performance are related.
  • Optimum utilization of available resource and Cost.
  • Be sure to make realistic goals, especially with money goals and event attendance expectations.  There is nothing worse than having high expectations and not being able to deliver.  We should create realistic and attainable goals for our team and make sure the scope and deliverables of the project are well detailed and followed throughout the project.  Try to stay on course and don’t get distracted or over burden our self by trying to do too much.
  • Don’t get caught up in just trying to raise the most money possible or use the project as a competition.  This project is about so much more.
  • A project manager can make communications between group members more efficient and poignant.  Communication is also simplified by having a project manager assign responsibilities and check ins, reducing additional messages and calls for follow up.



Don’t get caught up in just trying to raise the most money possible or use the project as a competition.  This project is about so much more.