Jordan brand limited shoes release crimes

Jordan brand and their shoe release. I am a huge Michael Jordan fan and collect shoes for about the past ten years. One thing I have noticed from the Brand over their years is how their operations have been on rise. However at what cost do you ask? Their sales are doing great with the idea of rereleasing old retro Jordan shoes to the public that sell out in hours. The Jordan brand over the have introduce a great operation strategy over their shoes to maximize sell and have a huge aftermarket reseller of the shoes to people. People are waiting in line for days just for the retro jordan 23.

The one problem I see they have is everyone is a huge fan of Michael Jordan. People are actually robbing, shooting, killing and fighting for the shoes. Just a couple of month ago they rerelease the air Jordan retro 11 concords. As some may not know what that means it is the shoe that Michael Jordan wore in the Space Jam movie right after he retired and returned to the NBA.

People who had to buy the shoes had to be escorted by police officers back to their car and helped out the store so people would not rob them.

The operations behind this idea were great but at what cost to a human life. Why should one person have to be escorted back to their car? Do you feel it is right for companies to limit production in their operations to see people get hurt and die over some sneakers?

This also goes for the next new toy children’s want for Christmas? That’s another time for that one. The Jordan brand does not just implement this in America as their operations strategy.  They spread this through their new strategy in Europe, Asia, and Australia. They went global with their operations and have now began to have limited release in each country like for the past two years they release the special editions for the Chinese new Years, only in China, the special editions for Paris basketball tournament, Jordan basketball classics, oregan university and players editions. Many have surfaced but none other than the limited release in the United States that has caused the most problem. Even the president of the United States there is a problem with this and still the brand is operating in the same manner and they are not held accountable for people and damages being done. Don’t you think certain actions if know could prevent harm should be done? Just like those commercial on TV with people who have used this drugs can sue?,0,4099247.column

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  1. I have been hearing a lot about this recently as well. It is pretty crazy that a product such as basketball shoes can result in people being robbed and killed for them, but i guess there is always that risk with specialty items especially items people can’t necessarily afford or feel like they need them. I feel like Jordan’s are idolized in rap music and the entertainment industry, as well as lots of other things, and a lot of people feel like they need the newest freshest ones – and some are crazy enough to rob or kill for them! I think it’s one thing for them to make limited edition items – but when you are advertising them and then selling them in public for a select few it might make a buzz for the company or the new shoe but at what cost? It doesn’t seem very ethical to me for Jordan to continue releasing such exclusive items in the manner that they are when they know the potential outcome. Maybe a way they could do it differently is instead of having people buy them in public places is do some sort of online way to register and lock in a pair or bid on them. Also, they could be more discrete in the way they advertise new types of shoe releases.

  2. I think its completely wrong for companies to have such limited amounts for their products. This does cause great chaos among consumers and it is a horrible event that the stores whom sell the products have to go through. A company should be worried about their consumers as much as they worry about making profit. It is greed when a company allows consumers to pay so much for their products and allow them to risk their life over a pair of new shoes. I understand it does cause excitement for the consumer, because it makes them feel special and superior since they and only a few others have this certain product. But overall it is not a good idea or safe for the consumers.

  3. I believe that the lose of life over something so trivial as a pair of sneakers is saddening. Yet, as you said you aren’t buying these shoes as something you will wear on a daily basis, you said you “collect” them. As with anything worth collecting there is a value placed upon it because it is rare. Is it the brands fault for what happens at the sale of the shoes after they leave the factory, they aren’t producing a product that is known to be harmful such as alcohol cigarettes, or even fire arms. How are you suppose to tell a company to spend more of there own capital to produce more of something and then expect them to sell that item at a premium. If there is anyone to blame it should be the store owners for not providing adequate security for demand of they product that they are selling. Also, if they felt the same way as you do why would they even offer the shoes at there store? So although it is said that there have been tragic incidents the Jordan Brand shouldn’t be asked to change there production methods because of that.

  4. This post was very interesting. I never thought that a product would cause such harm to people. It is very surprising that companies would produce such a limited amount of one product. I feel like there should be more produced especially because they are Jordans and Michael Jordan is so popular. I think the police escorting people who bought the Air Jordan Retros was a smart idea for the customers.

  5. It’s crazy what people are willing to do to get their hands on a pair of Jordans. I’ve never seen another shoe brand come close to the popularity that Jordan has, and I wonder how it became such a craze, where it is to the point that people are willing to wait in line for days just to own a pair. I think it is a good idea that there is an increase in security so that the people who buy the shoes are kept safe.

  6. I think that the company has a right to limit their product if they want; business is business and obviously they are doing it right because they are successful. If people do not know how to act right it is not companies fault, people make their own choices on how to act. Companies have to come up with strategic plans and differentiate themselves in order to become successful; it is not their fault if people do not know how to act cival because they are uneducated or their parents did not raise them correctly.

  7. I saw this on the news a few months ago and how crazy the scene outside a retail store had become. I would make a suggestion to the company that maybe instead of selling the shoes in stores they sell them online so that the buyer is in a private setting and there really isn’t as much risk as mobbing a store for a limited number of shoes. Although this may cause the website to crash, maybe the buyer could “apply” to get a pair of the shoes in advanced.

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